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Acid Wash Concrete Driveway Sunrise

What Alternatives Are Available for Stripping and Waxing Floors in Sunrise, Fl.?

Cleaning and Maintaining Vinyl Just Got Easy.

Save money and substitute your old ways of stripping and waxing your vinyl and terrazzo floors and use our vinyl floor sealer!

We understand at CoverTec that you want to keep your facility in tip top shape, but there is no reason to pay top dollar for steps you don’t even need.

With our vinyl floor cleaner and sealer, you can eliminate the need of stripping and waxing.

When stripping your vinyl and terrazzo floors you may believe they are simply removing dirt and discoloration the easiest way. What about simply cleaning your floors? CoverTec has a line of products that handle that task depending on the surface you are dealing with. 


Not only are our vinyl flooring cleaner products more effective than store-bought solutions, but they save you and your facility money that could be invested elsewhere.

Our products can cut your yearly cleaning costs by 40% by eliminating the need for repeated vinyl floor stripping and waxing.

That money can be used for so many other upkeep projects that are beneficial for your property.


Schools, hospitals, and superstores all over the country could be using that extra money on something that actually matters in their facility! 

Simplifying one aspect of your old routine can open up other opportunities to new and innovative methods.

If your vinyl floor is actually worn and needs more than a cleaning, we also offer our floor stripping products. Then instead of traditional wax, we offer a long lasting sealer. Our sealer holds up longer against abrasion, scratching and marring in highly congested areas compared to wax. Don’t make your routine harder than it needs to be. 

Try out our CoverTec vinyl floor cleaners, simple floor stripper, and durable long lasting sealer.


FloorStrip HP Fast Acting Floor Finish Stripper

FloorStrip HP Fast Acting Floor Finish Stripper

GlossClean Neutral Cleaner for Gloss Floors

GlossClean Neutral Cleaner for Gloss Floors

SurfaceRestore Concentrated Cleaner and Gloss Enhancer for Floors

SurfaceRestore Concentrated Cleaner and Gloss Enhancer for Floors

SurfaceTreat Deep Cleaner & Floor Protector

SurfaceTreat Deep Cleaner & Floor Protector

Looking For More Reasons to Try Our Products?

You are in luck. High traffic areas in all facilities, especially in tropical south Florida, are susceptible to an increased amount of slip and fall cases. Whether you are working with clumsy children, in a fast paced environment, or you have a constant flow of individuals in and out of your facility.

You will be glad to know our vinyl floor cleaner offers an anti- slip surface. This will help you avoid the loss of money you are saving with our products from potential law suits. You are also keeping your employees, customers, and patients safe.

And if safety is an important factor to you, we only offer green products with our CoverTec floor care technology. While you may not be in your facility on a daily basis, your employees, students, and patients are. Inhaling toxic chemicals is very damaging to the health of people. Our products lower stripper and chemical usage and reduce the amount of stripper sludge produced.

Keep a smart and innovative outlook on life and switch your floor waxing and stripping process to our vinyl floor cleaning process. You won’t be disappointed and your budget will be thanking you. Call us today to find out more about our products and what we offer.


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