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How to Clean Oil Off Concrete Sunrise

How to Choose the Best Industrial Floor Coatings

You need the best solutions for your flooring, and industrial flooring is no different. At CoverTec Products, we offer the very best industrial floor coatings for businesses and flooring of all types. Whether you’re protecting concrete, tile or even vinyl, you can find the perfect floor coating when you shop our options at CoverTec Products. You can visit our website anytime 24/7 to browse the best industrial floor coatings!

So how can I be sure that I’m choosing the right industrial floor coatings?

When it comes to your business, a great foundation is key. Your operations need the best industrial floor coatings to keep things running smoothly. Choosing the right industrial floor coatings is easy when you work with our experts at CoverTec Products! We can help you choose the best floor coatings, with options such as:

  • CoverSeal AC30
  • CoverShield U100
  • VinylGuard
  • StrongSeal Plus
  • CoveSal PEN 55

Each product we offer at CoverTec Products has been designed with the utmost precision and durability in mind. We want to help your business with the best industrial floor coatings, and we can help you choose the products that are perfect for your flooring.

For example, if you’re looking to protect tile flooring, you can count on our CoverSeal AC30. There are plenty of great features to our CoverSeal AC30, including:

  • Low Odor
  • UV Resistance
  • Water Repellence
  • Oil Resistance
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Easier Surface Cleaning
  • Fast Drying
  • VOC Compliance

With these features, it’s never been easier to keep your flooring in tip top shape! Our CoverSeal AC30 is easy to apply, and it’s easy to maintain. It even makes your flooring maintenance much easier by protecting your flooring from chipping, staining and sustaining damage with everyday use.

What about concrete flooring?

Concrete flooring is one of the most popular types of industrial flooring. Keeping your concrete in great shape requires the best industrial floor coatings. We have plenty of industrial floor coatings for your concrete floors. Some of our most popular options include:

  • CoverShield E900
  • CoverShield U140
  • CoverShield E400 WB
  • CoverShield E500

These coatings all bring varying benefits, such as added floor strength. With our industrial floor coatings that have been designed for concrete flooring, it’s easy to protect your porous concrete surfaces. These nonyellowing floor coating products can protect concrete by forming a barrier that helps fight against staining, oil damage and chipping as well.

These are just a few of the products we offer for your surfaces at CoverTec Products. IF you’re looking for the best industrial floor coatings for tile, concrete, vinyl or other types of flooring, visit our online shop today! Click here to get started!


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