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Discover the Value of a Tile and Grout Sealer in Sunrise, FL

You could have the most impressive looking house in your neighborhood.

The landscape is impeccable, the driveway is inviting and the exterior of the home has a fresh coat of paint. But what about your home’s flooring? No matter how many times we vacuum or mop our floors, there are hidden problems which make them lose their appeal. Over the course of time, mold and bacteria from South Florida’s humidity can form on your tile floor. The best way to keep your tile floors maintained and looking fresh is to invest in a high quality tile and grout sealer in Sunrise, FL. But rather than go to hardware store and pay high prices, find the best stain resistant sealing products in Sunrise. CoverTec Products has developed a professional line of tile and grout sealers to keep your floors looking their best.

Ceramic tile floors are more popular than ever before and for good reason. They look great. But maintenance can sometimes be a challenge. One of the most common complaints is dirty grout lines can quickly form in the tile. The professionals at CoverTec Products have developed a revolutionary stain resistant sealing product called Glaze Guard, an ultra-durable clear ceramic tile sealer. Glaze Guard can protect and keep your tile and grout looking brand new. Whether it’s your kitchen or restroom floor, Glaze Guard is easy to apply and provides so many benefits including:

  • It’s long lasting
  • Provides high gloss sealing for ceramic tile
  • It’s non-yellowing and UV stable
  • It make floors easier to maintain and clean
  • Slows the promotion of mold and bacteria

In addition to its effectiveness as a tile and grout sealer, Glaze Guard also provides your floor with an anti-slip coating. This makes your home look better and much safer. For more on why CoverTec produces the best tile and grout sealer in Sunrise, FL, check out this quick video.

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