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Which Industrial Floor Coatings are Best for My Business?

Your flooring is a major investment, and replacing your flooring can be a huge logistic and financial headache. Instead, our team at CoverTec Products suggests protecting your flooring from major damage in the first place. We manufacture and supply the best industrial floor coatings for businesses and flooring of all types. If you’re looking for the best tile, vinyl and chemical resistant concrete sealer, it’s time to explore the options we offer at CoverTec Products. No matter the flooring size, we have the perfect solutions for your needs.

We’ve designed a wide array of chemical resistant floor sealing products that are UV stable, non-yellowing and stain resistant. This means you can protect your industrial flooring without changing its looks. In fact, you can actually count on our products to enhance the looks of your industrial flooring by resisting staining, scratching and deterioration. Our industrial floor coatings take the brunt of all the activity upon your industrial flooring so your floors don’t have to!

Our chemical resistant concrete sealer is one of our most popular industrial floor coatings. This concrete sealer brings a hardening clear coat that protects against concrete’s biggest threat- oil staining. Getting oil stains of out concrete can be incredibly difficult because concrete attracts oil staining and other issues. Instead of letting your flooring fall apart due to concrete and other factors, our team at CoverTec Products has developed many sealers that can resist chemicals and oils as well. You can choose from our CoverShield E5000, CoverShield E9000 and our CoverShield E400 WB as well. Each concrete sealer is great for surfaces in spaces such as warehouses, airplane hangars and auto repair shops as well.

There’s no reason to spend all your time cleaning, scrubbing and polishing your industrial flooring. No matter the type of flooring you have, whether it’s concrete, wood, tile, vinyl or brick pavers, we can protect the flooring with our great industrial floor coatings. Our CoverSeal E130 is one of our most popular industrial floor coatings. It’s an UV resistant clear epoxy that brings high build and zero VOC. It’s perfect for supermarkets, kitchens, warehouses, stairwells, showrooms and any other space that needs great flooring that’s also food safe.

When you’re looking for the best industrial floor coatings, we hope you’ll discover the CoverTec Products difference. No matter the flooring you choose, we’ve got the perfect flooring for your needs. Businesses of all types, warehouses, production facilities and other operations can all benefit from our great flooring options. To learn more, visit our online shop to see our most popular products.

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