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Which Industrial Floor Coatings Make Spring Cleaning Easier?

Spring cleaning is vital for your business, but it can also be expensive and tedious. What if you protected your surfaces from getting dirty in the first place? At CoverTec Products, we know the right industrial floor coatings can help. We’ve developed a line of floor coatings that can help keep a variety of surfaces in shape. If you’re ready to make spring cleaning much easier, it starts with our industrial floor coatings.

Which industrial floor coatings are right for my surfaces?

At CoverTec Products, we’ve created a variety of USA made coating products that can keep your surfaces in shape. These coatings can help seal your surfaces, working to keep dirt and oil away. Our industrial floor coatings can protect surfaces such as:

  • Tile & Grout
  • Vinyl
  • Concrete
  • Hardwood
  • Pavers
  • Brick & Mortar
  • & More

Each product offers different benefits, such as VOC compliance and non-yellowing UV stable coverage. Our professionals at CoverTec Products can help you choose the perfect industrial floor coatings for your surfaces!

Which industrial floor coatings fight abrasion and chemicals?

CoverShield E900 offers incredible industrial floor protection. This colorfast, abrasion resistant epoxy coating brings zero VOC. By creating a decorative and durable coating, it makes things easier to maintain! Come spring cleaning time, you’ll find that your surfaces have resisted many damages!

With CoverShield E900, you can protect your surfaces from staining, oil damage, chemical wear and abrasion as well. It’s ideal for concrete and wood surfaces.

What about VinylGuard?

VinylGuard is another one of our popular industrial floor coatings. This product brings UV stable, VOC compliant and chemical resistant coatings to vinyl and rubber flooring. Come spring cleaning time, you’ll be able to revamp your vinyl flooring easily! When properly maintained, you may even find that your floor can maintain a gloss finish without the need for expensive waxing and polishing!

Which industrial floor coatings protect tile surfaces?

Tile and grout can become stained over time, but the right industrial floor coatings can help prevent this from happening in the first place. With our GlazeGuard, you can protect tile, grout and other surfaces. This UV stable coating product brings chemical resistance and reduces floor care costs by maintaining surfaces.

Which industrial floor coating is right for me?

Ready to find the best industrial floor coating for your surfaces? The above are just a few of the products we offer at CoverTec Products! Browse our website today to discover more of our industrial floor coatings. We’re sure to have your perfect fit.

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