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Penetrating sealers (or impregnators) are a very effective way of sealing and protecting natural stone without changing the appearance or altering the surface charactiristics of the stone.

CoverSeal Pen50 is our recommended sealer for exterior natural stone like travertine or slate if you to water resistance , chloride (salt ) resistance and to hold back mold and mildew.

For maximum stain proof protection, the CoverSeal Premium is the best choice.  This impregnating sealer not only offers excellent water resistance, but also the highest level of oil and stain protecting for stone tile and grout. This premium stain proof impregnator is widely used on limestone and flagstone stone surfaces, interior and exterior. Anywhere you need protection against food based oils and stains.

Efflorescence rising moisture and dissolved mineral salts can also be a problem for natural stone. StoneBlock SD125 is a specially developed stone protector for blocking efflorescence and moisture in natural stone and grout. It is a very effective 6-side sealer for limestone.

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