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SurfaceRestore Concentrated Cleaner and Gloss Enhancer for Floors


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Location : Interior
Task : Cleaner Enhancer Protector
Application : Mop, or pump up sprayer
Surface : Hard Surfaces Not Harmed By Water
Base : Fortified Neutral Cleaner
Drytime : Surface Dry
Coverage : 6- 10 oz/gal
Finish : Amber Clear

SurfaceRestore is a concentrated one-step cleaner/enhancer for hard floors.


  • Cleans and restores in one step
  • Extends the life of the floor finish
  • Reduces the frequency of recoating
  • High gloss wet look shine
  • Applied by damp mop or auto scrubbers
  • Fortified with Nano coating polymer
  • Adds toughness and anti slip surface
  • Concentrated formulation

Typical Uses

  • One-step cleaner/restorer
  • Maintain, luster and clarity of Nanocoatings
  • Concrete, stone, terrazzo, vinyl, and rubber
  • Commercial
  • Institutional
  • Educational
  • Industrial


Sweep floor to remove loose dirt

For use in auto scrubber, dilute 10oz to 1 gal of water.

Damp mop mix 6 oz to 1 gal of water.

Scrub floor with soft brushes/pads and allow product to dwell on surface for 15 to 20 minutes without drying.

Add more cleaner if necessary.

Pick up the solution in one pass or damp-mop thoroughly. Let it dry.

Burnish with burnisher and pink or aqua pad.

Use this product at least once every 7 to 14 days to insure continuous optimal floor appearance.


Coverage is dependent upon the relative cleanliness of the substrate and the porosity. Approximately 200ft2 per diluted gallon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

GlazeGuard is a tough clear sealer and very hard wearing. It tends to keep its shine for a long time but it can still be scratched. Especially if you drag sharp objects, like heavy kitchen appliances or point loads like table legs or chair legs.

To spot repair or recoat entire area it is not necessary to strip the sealer, you just need to sand or scrub the surface clean so it can be top coated. Sand with 120 grit sand paper or scrub with black pad and GlossGlean neutral cleaner. Clean off the dust or residue and apply a top coat. For more detailed instructions see GlazeGuard Maintenance instructions

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