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Top 3 Benefits of Using High Quality Floor Sealing Products in Fort Lauderdale

You might not think much about your flooring, but the floor of your home or business is a vital structural and design element. Flooring serves several key roles in any residential or commercial setting. Flooring works into the overall aesthetic appeal of a home or business. It provides an important key feature of any building, giving visitors a clean surface to walk upon. Flooring in Fort Lauderdale is exposed to added environmental stresses such as high humidity and heavy foot traffic. These environmental factors can create issues which are best resolved by high quality floor sealing products in Fort Lauderdale from CoverTec Products.

At CoverTec Products, we provide businesses and homes with substrate solutions that can seal various flooring components including ceramic tile, vinyl and concrete floors. Each flooring material faces different challenges that require unique solutions. We’re focused on helping our customers protect and preserve their existing flooring assets. There are numerous benefits to utilizing our high quality floor sealing products including:

  • Lower maintenance costs. Our vinyl floor sealer, Vinyl Guard, replaces high maintenance floor finishes and delivers significant cost savings. It replaces traditional wax and acrylic floor finishes, bringing higher resistance to abrasion, scratching and marring. It also maintains its desired matte or gloss finish for over 24 months! Instead of continually putting your business on hold to spend money on waxing your floors, a coat of Vinyl Guard can keep them pristine.
  • Improved floor safety. Homeowners and business owners alike understand the danger of a wet floor. Slips and falls in both homes and business create countless lawsuits a year, along with injuries and discomfort. Our tile coating systems consist of Glaze Guard and CT-Grout sealers which are an effective ceramic tile sealer. The system is also useful for glazed tile, marble tile and porcelain tile. Our system has an outstanding slip coefficient, it’s often safer than a bare floor! We offer additional clear surface sealers which aid in the easier cleanup of water. Our sealers are abrasion and slip resistant.
  • Cleaner floors. The proper floor sealing products can make all the difference when it comes to cleaning your tile and vinyl surfaces. A properly sealed floor simply resists more contaminants with little to no effort. They slow the promotion of mold and bacteria, which is vital in South Florida’s excessive humidity.

We offer high quality floor sealing products which are effective on almost any hard floor surface. They’re able to protect your existing flooring investment from future abrasions and dirt. Vinyl and tile floor sealing products considerably reduce maintenance costs, they retain their desired finish in high traffic areas for months or even years without exhausting upkeep. Shop our inventory of floor coating products online, or give us a call at (754) 223-2465 to discover the best substrate solution for your flooring.

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