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Why Use Tile and Grout Sealer?

Home and business owners choose tile flooring for several reasons. There’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to tile designs. You may have chosen a complex mosaic, or you may have opted for simple looks with your tile. But no matter how your tile looks, it won’t stay perfect unless you protect the surfaces properly. At CoverTec Products, we’ve developed a protective tile and grout sealer that can keep your surfaces in great shape.

While use our tile and grout sealer? Protecting your tile and grout can help save serious funds down the road, keeping your flooring from becoming damaged, stained or exhausted over time. Businesses also benefit from our added anti-slip sealer, helping keep slippery surfaces from becoming a major liability issue. Of course, homeowners love the easy cleaning offered by our tile and grout sealing products as well.

Our GlazeGuard is a popular product that can protect ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and the grout that holds these tiles together. It offers finishes with many looks such as high gloss, satin and matte as well, all depending on your preferences. The high gloss finish, for example, can create a continuous clean look on your tile flooring. For a softer appearance, many choose the matte finish.

GlazeGuard combines non-yellowing, UV stable solutions to protect flooring from becoming stained, damaged or discolored. It brings truly easy maintenance and cleaning, helping slow growth of mold and bacteria while protecting your flooring. Click here to shop our most popular tile and grout sealing products.

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