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What are the Best Concrete Floor Coating Systems?

Concrete is like the duct tape of flooring, it’s perfect in countless applications, and it can bring strength and durability anywhere it’s applied. At CoverTec Products, we know that there’s one problem faced by concrete flooring though, and that’s its porous structure. When concrete is laid, it naturally forms small pores in its surfaces, and these pores may not seem problematic at first. But, as time goes on, the pores in your concrete surfaces can hold tight to dirt, mold and other staining elements. This is why it’s so important to invest in concrete floor coating systems that can help prevent staining, mold growth and overall decay. If you’re ready to protect your concrete flooring, it’s time to discover the solutions we’ve created at CoverTec Products. Some of our most popular concrete floor coating systems and options include:

  • CoverShield E900: This high build epoxy coating brings zero VOC, and even colorful hues if desired. It’s easy to clean, maintain, and it resists abrasion and staining from a wide range of chemicals. Works wonderfully in airplane hangars, warehouses and retail flooring situations.
  • CoverTallic System: This highly decorative system can bring durability, abrasion resistance and increased visual appeal with metallic pigments added to the flooring.
  • CoverShield U140: This hard wearing oil resistant polyurethane clear sealer brings low maintenance, oil resistance and stain resistance. It’s perfect for warehouses with forklift traffic and other heavy duty applications.
  • CoverStain System: This system is an affordable solution to stained polished concrete. It creates a seamless surface with zero VOC, along with enhanced colors and translucence on the surfaces as desired.
  • CoverShield E400 WB: Offers water-based epoxy solutions with low odor and superb chemical resistance. It’s perfect for schools, hospitals, airplane hangars and many other applications. With added resistance to chemicals and solvents, it can last for years to come.
  • CoverQuartz System: Enhanced with visually appealing colored granules, this coating can revive existing floors while bringing enhanced protection. It brings incredible nonslip, wear and stain resistance.
  • CoverShield E500: Also known as Flexible Epoxy, this waterproof concrete sealer is a fast-set solution for industrial flooring, parking decks, balconies and many other internal and external spaces. It brings water, oil and staining resistance.

These are just a few of the various concrete floor coating systems and products we offer at CoverTec Products. Your exact solution will depend on your flooring’s needs, and your desires for future flooring projects. We’re proud to offer waterproof concrete sealers that can subtly protect existing concrete styles, or we can transform your concrete with our coating systems that bring safety, durability and style. To start shopping your concrete solutions, click here.

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