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Customers Share Their Experiences with CoverTec Products’ GlazeGuard® Floor Tile Sealer For Ceramic, Porcelain and Stone Surfaces

Watch and listen as CoverTec’s customers describe their experiences with the GlazeGuard® product line.

Chad’s Results Using GlazeGuard® High Gloss Floor Tile Sealer For Porcelain, Stone And Ceramic

“I would say some of the biggest problems we had were finding just a huge assortment of over the counter products that promise to finish, revitalize the tile, seal, everything as you know, it said on the box. But, with it being an exterior application, we just ran into a lot of issues with things not adhering to the tile good enough. The sheen not holding up.

So when it came time to look for a product, I kind of reached out and spread my search out across Florida. I came across Covertec that had a product called GlazeGuard®.

And you know, after talking to Charles, the owner up there, he sounded very educated and excited to work with us on this product, and we gave it a shot.

We had three tile patios that were actually in bad shape and needed to be sealed. And also one of the biggest problems was leaking into the living space underneath the tile patio.

So with that being said, we were trying to eliminate possibly spending close to $10,000 to re-do the deck. That was obviously the end all solution to this. But, what we found is with Covertec and the GlazeGuard® product, that we could seal it, revitalize the entire patio.

So not only did it look like a brand new tile once we cleaned everything and finished, it has sealed and completely kept the living space dry, which was again, the biggest problem. So this was a double double win for you guys on this one.

First and foremost, the [GlazeGuard®] product we worked with was extremely user-friendly. It was very forgiving, especially in the climate that we were using it.I’ve ended up installing this product because it was in direct sunlight, more in the evening. So the tile still had been in the sun during the day. It was covered but it was warm.

Typically with a finishing product, whether it’s a hardwood re-finish or an oil based finish, temperature is something that makes it very difficult to work with… and will give you marks where your roller left a a heavy end, brush strokes, things like that.

With the three part mix to this product, which was very simple… you know, one part of each, the leveling compound, I think gave us just an absolute flawless finish after everything was settled and cured. Because like I said, it was pretty warm when we were putting it on the tile. So that was my first, kind of nervous feeling about it. And after we put on that first coat, stepped away and came back, it was flawless.

For homeowners, or anyone that wants to DIY this, if you have a paint-brush, a good roller, and just the ability to get the tile very clean – which there’s many products out there that can get you to that point – it’s an easy product to work with.

So I would say anyone can accomplish what a professional tile reseal job would look like.”

Floor Service Contractor

Adam’s Results Using GlazeGuard® Tile Sealer For Ceramic, Porcelain and Stone Surfaces

“Previously I used the product from the Home Depot. It was a ready-mixed product. You just spread it with a mop.

I did a few houses with that for a few customers, and when I went back to look at one of my customers’ floors after two or three months, and I noticed a lot of scuff marks.The gloss wasn’t the same as it was when I initially laid it out.

So that was kind of no-no for me. So what I did for the customer was to spread it (the previous product) again for the customer. But, I was saying to myself “I cannot go back every time, spending on the product. And time means money for me.

I saw an ad on Youtube for the GlazeGuard® Gloss. And I said “okay, let me give it a try.”I called and I spoke with Charles from CoverTec. He guaranteed me that it’s going to work.

So I said okay, and ordered some products. It got it here within three days, which was a plus because you hardly have any coating companies that could get product so fast to you here in the Virgin Islands. So that was a plus for me.

Then I used the product on the customer’s floor. After 24 hours, I went back to take a look at it.

I was amazed at the gloss because when I looked at the previous product I used, although there was a gloss, this one (GlazeGuard® Gloss) really stood out for me. I also tested the furniture dragging over the GlazeGuard® Gloss and it wasn’t scuffing as with the previous product I was sold. And that again, was a plus.

The customer was so happy that they asked me polish the entire house.So we’ve just moved up from three rooms and the kitchen to do the rest of the house for them. They were that pleased.

So I ordered more product. They got it here fast enough, and I was able to do the complete house for my customer.”

Floor Service Contractor

Stacey’s Results Using GlazeGuard® Floor Tile Sealer For Ceramic, Porcelain and Stone

“As a homeowner, I was looking for something just perfect for my porch. It’s a concrete porch, and of the Home Depot products and Lowes products, I didn’t find anything that went with the color scheme in my house that wouldn’t detract from it or stand out like a sore thumb.

So I knew CoverTec Products from my friends because they were their commercial users of it and they do consumer products. So I thought, oh well what the heck? So I went to the website, found the perfect color for me, a beautiful medium brown, and I had a professional pressure washer come out and actually take care of the porch.I clean it properly, made sure there were no leftover suds, or dirt, or mold, or anything like that.

And I had to let it dry 24 hours because according to the instructions, you want a dry set of concrete.You don’t want water under your product, which makes total sense because you get bubbles and things like that.

I let it dry, took a micro-fiber mop and I can all the dust particles the next day, made sure it was clean and free of debris. And then we started from one side to another, and accidentally ran out of product, and under estimated the product, because of the porousness of the concrete really soaked it in.

So I had to order another and I just kind of blended the edges…just hoping that it was going to blend well. I got the second product, and the most important thing with these products is you have to follow the instructions step by step, completely.

Be very detail oriented. Don’t have distractions. Just set up a very quiet time between when you actually mix it and follow [through].I just put a timer on my phone for the five minutes or two minutes or three minutes, whatever intervals for each part.I would remind myself because I don’t want to play with the product and have it go bad before I’m even ready to pour it.

So then I actually went out and did the steps on the small leftover portion. And it blended perfectly, even though it was two different batches. It was the same color, and it is gorgeous.

I actually put up pictures on the CoverTec website because it was just so beautiful.It’s got a Satin little sheen to it, so it’s easy to clean. I take a paper towel and water and just clean up spills from the plants or the hummingbird feeder.  It just wipes right off. It’s super easy to use.”


Jeff’s Results Using GlazeGuard® Floor Tile Sealer

“Where we are working is in a place called the Columbus Dream Center. And it’s a facility that is designed to serve the homeless. We served approximately 70,000 meals through that building last year alone. So you can imagine the volume of people that come through the building.

Our main problem that we had there was with the restrooms. Specifically the men’s restroom with the volume of homeless coming through the building, and using the restroom facilities very regularly.

Well, the bottom line is they’re not really careful when they use the bathroom. And there was a lot of urine on the floor. So, the urine obviously is going to collect in those grout lines, and it was just a real sore spot for us. On top of that being that the other side of the [dream center] building is actually a church.

The ministry as part of the church, it’s called Rock City Church. And some days we have approximately 1,500 to 2,000 people go through that building for the church alone. So they’re sharing that restroom on Sundays.

The homeless ministry is not working there, but during Sundays, the church is there. So you can imagine parishioners going into that restroom and having to deal with the smell of the urine.

It was being cleaned daily with a neutral floor cleaner. And then every other month it would get a deep clean with a turbo tool. A tool that would be able to power wash the concrete or the tile, and extract everything out of tile and grout. So it was a professional clean every eight weeks.

It was needed. But the thing is, even after that professional clean, it smelled fresh for a little bit, but it just did not take long for it to smell like urine again.

You really can’t extract all that urine out of those grout lines. It’s just kind of a temporary fix for a little while. It smells fresh because of the cleaner used at the time. But it doesn’t take long to be smelling bad again.

So last week, the [CoverTec Products] team came up. We had several people come in for training, and we had a training class going on there at the Dream Center. And, we cleaned that floor – and those bathrooms – really good. There was actually three bathrooms and we cleaned those really good. And then we applied the – I believe it was – GlazeGuard®.

Basically, I cleaned it professionally with the turbo the day before. Then we went in and basically a sprayed it down with alcohol and just wiped everything down and got a fresh again.

So then we applied the GlazeGuard®, and it was a pretty darn simple process for us. I’ve never used a product like that before, but it was much easier than I anticipated it was going to be.

We taped off some areas. We didn’t want to be brushing up against the stainless steel on the bottom of the doors and stuff. But, we got things taped off and literally applied that bathroom, which was about 8 by 12. Applying that coating [took] probably 20 minutes. We let it set overnight to cure, and get a really good finish and seal on that.

And the very first thing I noticed was there is no urine smell whatsoever. And that was the biggest plus of the whole job… eliminating that urine smell. It’s going to be great.

People came in on Sunday and they were just raving about the floors – both the smell and the look because, we put a satin finish, it put a little bit of a gloss on the floor. It was a very flat looking floor before we began. So, we put that finish on there and it just looked like a million bucks. We were really happy with how that turned out.

Well, the biggest thing with this is the stairs went up in to a newly constructed room, and they were covered with a rubber tread. And the tread was actually a brand new tread.

So, we weren’t having cleaning issues with them – yet. But it was recommended to definitely coat them to protect them from UV rays and also make them easier to clean.

So what we did was clean them really good, wiped them down with alcohol, and then we coated them with a one coat of a primer seal. We wiped that on. And it was basically taking a towel with the product, and just wiping it down all over the tread.

And then we went back, probably 20 minutes or so later, and put two coats of the final seal on top of it. And, it just made them look amazing.

The lobby area. It’s a large lobby, and that’s where everybody comes in three great big front doors. And that’s where they enter the building for both the homeless ministry during the week, and then also the church during the weekend.

It was a type of vinyl tile floor and it literally got cleaned nearly every day. Multiple times on Sunday, in between services, that we would use a neutral cleaner. But it was a floor that after it was installed, they really weren’t happy with the product that they got, because it just always looked crummy.

The only time it looked good is after I professionally cleaned it, which I did on a bi-monthly basis also. Every 8 weeks I would come in and scrub it, and do a really good deep clean. Then, they would go back to their regular cleaning using a microfiber pad and a neutral cleaner.

The biggest thing I noticed was the shine to the floor. It was normally just a really dull floor, even though it wasn’t very old. But the new coating just made it really look nice. It had a nice shine to it. The lights were reflecting off the floor, which is always nice. And it’s going to make it 100 times easier to clean.

I think the typical cleaning with the microfiber pad and the neutral cleaner – now that it’s coated – is going to make it look 100 times better. It won’t need that heavy duty clean as regular as it used to get.

So, Charles came up from Florida. We had set up a training day with Ken Horton. And we contacted a lot of people in the industry in the area, and just offered them these classes for a nominal price.

Just come on down. Let’s learn about these awesome products that we’ve got available. [Ones ] we could add to our ensemble, and just get the training on what the products are about and how to use them.

I was always intimidated with putting floor surfaces down. I thought they were going to be really difficult to do, and really easy to mess up. And when I out, it was just the opposite of that.

Getting the training and the hands on experience is the biggest thing for me. I could read stuff and I can watch videos all I want. But when I got the hands on training, actually applying the surfaces on my own, that’s the golden ticket there. And so that let me know, “hey, I can handle this on my own”. And I’m looking forward to adding these types of coatings to my business.

You know, I understand there are a lot of different products that may be similar in as the CoverTec products. I’ve never used them. But the bottom line for me was just getting the hands on experience and trying this out.

I already have – not even a week later – two customers that I’m going to apply these products [with]. One is in the church lobby, and one is on some paver stones in a backyard. That is income that really I didn’t have available to me last week.

So, that’s the big thing for me. I’m an owner operator business. It’s just me. So I’m looking for all those different things that I can put in my toolbox that is going to give me some options when I go to people to do some work.

I may be just going to clean their tile, but when I explain to them the advantages of some of these CoverTec products, they’re going to [say] “yeah, wow. Let me see some pictures.” I show them some before and after pictures of some of the work that I did even just last week. And they’re going to [say] “yeah, I’m on board.”

The biggest thing I can say is these products are moneymakers. Put them in your toolbox and start using them.”


Zack’s Results With GlazeGuard® Floor Tile Sealer

“Hi, I’m Zach.

I’m a swimming pool and paving, waterproofing membrane contractor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

I have installed hundreds of thousands of square feet of brick pavers, stamp concrete and other types of decorative coatings on concrete, whether it be parking garages, driveways or suspended deck applications for condominiums. All of which, have inherent problems with keeping the resiliency of the concrete, and the shine enhancement of the brick pavers long lasting.

Usually in the industry, there are two types of sealers, either acrylic-based or water-based. I’ve used them both. The acrylic is better than the water-based in terms of longevity that you can expect out of it. But even with the better one – the acrylic paint products – you can’t expect much more than maybe a year – year and a half – before you get some form of ultraviolet degregation to where it minimizes the appearance of the pavers.

So in contacting Charles Idowu at CoverTec, I told him I had these problems, and he introduced me to a product called GlazeGuard®. Which of course, I was leery about because everybody that has the so-called “perfect solution for everything”, [which] normally turn out to be not that great.

Anyway, I tried this product on my own driveway first, and I have a stamp concrete driveway. And quite frankly, I was thoroughly amazed.

I did this product about three years ago. Actually, more like five years ago, and I’m going to re-do it now. It doesn’t even look that bad now, but it’s held up about five times longer than anything I’ve ever seen. And I mean shiny looking, resistant to gasoline and oil spills. You can clean up with a Kleenex. It’s a spectacular product.

You know… proof’s in the pudding. I wanted to use it on my own house before I went crazy and started selling it to other people, with me [having] the liability. And the end-result is that product is the best sealer I’ve ever seen anywhere. And I’ve been in this business for 45 years.

I had an issue where a commercial pool had a water-wall installed in Miami. And the stone that was used [probably] shouldn’t have been used in the environment that it was engineered to work, as water was running over the water wall. It was more like a shale-type product – a red shale. And the shale would chip and start to emulsify due to the constant running of water, which ended up in the pool.

Whatever type of glazing was used on the stone to try to prevent this degradation and erosion from occurring failed within a month. So rather than the customer looking to have the entire wall replaced, which was an extremely huge wall (probably 20 feet high, 75 feet alone… probably a half a million dollar type installation.)

I called Charles Idowu, owner of CoverTec, and told him the problem. He recommended a product called GlazeGuard®. And it was because of the condition of the shale stone being so raggedy, you couldn’t apply it with a brush because of the indentations on the stone, you couldn’t get deep enough. So he recommended we spray it. He used an airless sprayer, and applied it throughout the entire square footage of the wall.

We applied two coats of it, only because I wasn’t sure if even one would work, let alone two. So, I did it with two coats. It exemplified the aesthetics of the wall tremendously by enhancing the red shale.

But more importantly, when the water was running over, now it remains intact. No erosion of the shale. No more chips. No more powder-ish condition in the pool, and it has been that way for three years. And last time I, as I said earlier, it lasted a month.

So I don’t know what he does on what magic “foo-foo” juice he uses in this material. But, it is spectacular stuff. I can vouch for that for sure.

I wanted to tell you a little bit of a testimonial on a product that we used from CoverTec owned by Charles Idowu.

We had a condition at the Biltmore hotel. It’s a very famous hotel down in Miami. I am a pool contractor, deck coating and waterproofing type guy.

I’ve been in business for about 45 years, and the manager at the Biltmore, I had known from previous appointments I’ve had with him at his previous locations throughout the time I’ve had here in Florida, which I said is quite substantial.

He had a condition in his bathrooms at the Biltmore where they had installed what was called Jerusalem stone on the bathroom floors. And as you know, in every hotel, you’re supposed to put the shower curtain on the inside of the tub, and the other one on the outside of the tub. And no one worries about that because it’s not their property and they could care less.

Well, obviously the water went all over the bathroom floors, and ended up on the bathroom or living room area of the floor underneath, wherever the water hit from the showers.

Through many attempts, [they tried] different type coatings throughout the years.Mundo Perez, who was the manager at the time, called me and said “hey, you know, [we’ve] got a huge problem here. What can we do?”

Again, with problems like this, I usually refer to Charles Idowu, owner of CoverTec, and I told him the problem. He actually went to the facility with me. We did a little test area of a spot that we knew was definitively leaking before they spent money to do 300 hotel rooms, and it worked well.

We still had some leaking, but I said “you know, we can’t justify the test if we don’t do at least one [whole] bathroom.” We did a little four by four square, obviously ran water off the test area, and the other is ever leak.

So we did the whole floor, and this is probably about five or six years ago. And it (GlazeGuard® Gloss) eliminated the problem completely.

So, Charles came up from Florida. We had set up a training day with Ken Horton. And we contacted a lot of people in the industry in the area, and just offered them these classes for a nominal price.

Just come on down. Let’s learn about these awesome products that we’ve got available. [Ones ] we could add to our ensemble, and just get the training on what the products are about and how to use them.

I was always intimidated with putting floor surfaces down. I thought they were going to be really difficult to do, and really easy to mess up. And when I out, it was just the opposite of that.

Getting the training and the hands on experience is the biggest thing for me. I could read stuff and I can watch videos all I want. But when I got the hands on training, actually applying the surfaces on my own, that’s the golden ticket there. And so that let me know, “hey, I can handle this on my own”. And I’m looking forward to adding these types of coatings to my business.

They were concerned, obviously [about] the aesthetics of the Jerusalem stone, which is extremely expensive stuff, and that it was not going to be hindered in any way.

It (GlazeGuard® Gloss) went on relatively white, but turns clear so it didn’t affect the color of the Jerusalem stone, and it worked tremendously.

Now, since the time this has been done, Mr. Perez has moved on to another facility, but I did see him recently within the last year at his new location. I asked him about the Biltmore. He said “you know, he’s in contact with them a lot, and that stuff’s still working.”

So this is 6 years of continual wetness – flooding practically. If you don’t know about Biltmore, it looks almost like the Sistine Chapel. In some rooms that are the ceilings and some of these places. And it (water) was damaging that as it was going through several layers of to get to that (the ceiling). Obviously that would be catastrophic to them. So, this (GlazeGuard® Gloss) worked.

And again, I don’t know what the heck he (Charles Idowu) puts in his materials, but it’s something that he’s not going to tell me about, and it works tremendously.

Regarding CoverTec, and I think more so now I want to talk about Charles himself. Many times, especially with a big coatings manufacturer, the personal touch isn’t there.

Charles is hands on, and he physically will get in the dirt, and get his gloves on, work boots and pants, and get wet and get dirty. He’s extremely good. His followup is tremendous.

But the point that he can actually go to the sites with you if it’s a serious enough issue is worth his weight in gold. He’s a true professional.”

Swimming Pool and Paving Contractor

Sean’s Experience With GlazeGuard® Floor Tile Sealer

“I go into facilities where they have old worn out floors that may be 20 or 30 years old.

They’re considering replacing them, which is a fairly big project for them. It would be a major renovation.  So I propose to come in and restore their floors to make them look new again, versus replacement.

I can come in and change the color of the ceramic tile or a porcelain tile completely or I can renew it [and] re-grout. I have a pigmented sealers that I can apply into the ground to change the color of the grout, and I use Covertec Products for the final finish. It’s the icing on the cake.

I can re-do the floor, cleaning as good as I can, and I can seal permanently with a GlazeGuard® Gloss, GlazeGuard® Satin or GlazeGuard® Matte. And it really adds that new look to the floor.

I researched a lot of different products. A lot of different urethanes. A lot of different micro coatings, [etc.] You name it. I’ve tried it out in different areas. And none of the products that I researched performed nearly as well, not anywhere close to GlazeGuard®.

GlazeGuard® does what it says. And the way that it bonds to the ceramic… it bonds to porcelain… it bonds to almost any type of surface that you want to put it on.  Just make sure that you prep desk surface correctly. It will bond, and it performs just like Charles [Idowu] says it does.

There’s quite a few benefits after I apply GlazeGuard® [to] the floor. The number one that hits most people is the wow factor.

So they go onto the floor. Say it’s a restroom or a kitchen, commercial kitchen or commercial restroom.

They go in there the following morning, when I was restoring the floor the previous night, and overnight I have a new-looking floor.

When they walk into the room, the first [thing] is aesthetically it looks new again. It looks new. It pops. And it gives them the wow factor.  So, that’s the number one goal. That’s the goal for the first impression that they get.

But aside from that, they also have a lot of a sanitary benefits.

I’m in a commercial flooring, um, mostly restrooms. So we all know the liquids, and the spills, and everything associated with a restroom floor, especially in a commercial environment.

The coating – GlazeGuard® – protects the grout so that all those spills, splashes and liquids don’t make their way into the grout.

Bare grout will readily absorb any liquid that hits it, if it’s not properly sealed. Most places will go with an impregnating type stealer, which is fine and good. But the ultimate seal is a topical sealant that you can apply, and that will stay there for years and years and years. And GlazeGuard® does that.

So, not only is it the wow factor as far as looks go, it (GlazeGuard®) makes the floor non-porous, so it doesn’t absorb any liquids any longer.

In a lot of cases the slip-resistance is better than it was before.  [This is] because you’re removing all the old contaminants, and the floor is now squeaky clean with the, with the coating. And the slip coefficient is better after the fact.

Not only that, the smells associated with a commercial kitchen or commercial restroom are no longer an issue. [That’s] because all of those surfaces absorb contaminants throughout the years, [and] is now a prepped and sealed off, and any spills can be easily wiped up.

There probably is – over the long term – reduction in the long term maintenance costs. Typically in a commercial environment, floors are maintained quarterly. They do a heavy machine scrub a quarterly, whether it’s the janitorial company or an outside contractor. They may be able to lower that to once or twice a year, versus four times a year.

I do know that the daily upkeep that the janitorial company would do – while they still need to do those steps – the results they’re achieving are much better because of the coating. (GlazeGuard®) It’s so much easier to clean than the existing floor.

[With regard to] the ceramic and grout, they can work all they want with a string mop, and they don’t get the best of results. But if the coating is in place, any soiling that happens on the coating mops away [easily].

I do granite, any kind of natural stone, marble, terrazzo, LVT, VCT, sheet vinyl… pretty much any kind of hard surface that you walk on. Charles [Idowu] has helped me out with a number of those since the time I’ve known him.

I had a client that had an interior space, large commercial space, and he has a polished concrete floor polished to a smooth gloss finish. And he was having issues over the years after he got it polished. It was just looking dull and kind of worn out. It wasn’t holding up too well. So instead of going through the expense of re-polishing the floor, we were able to prep the floor, clean it basically, thoroughly and apply [the product].

The one that that comes to mind is actually GlazeGuard® exterior. We applied GlazeGuard® to some exterior paver stones. And we were able to darken up the stone a little bit because that’s exterior, and it had a little bit of a washed out look.

The GlazeGuard® was able to give the colors a little bit more vibrancy, brightened them up and [made them] look nice. [It also gave it] water repellency and just a nice fresh look to it.

CoverTec has such a pretty large variety of coatings.  Do a little bit of research. Contact them. Ask for their recommendation for your particular situation. Think about what you’re trying to achieve by putting the coating on the surface. Then follow their recommendation. That means not just of what product to use, but also the prep process.

Just like painting a wall, painting a car, or anything – you’re going to put a coating on, and 90% of success is in the prep. 10% is in the application of the product. And then of course, you want the product to be able to perform the way that you expect it to, and CoverTec products do perform that way.”


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