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CoverTec offers a series of heavy duty, clear sealers for porous substrates such as concrete, brick and stone. Our clear sealers hold up to oil, staining, harsh sunlight, chemical exposure and weathering and out perform many common sealers available in the market.

Our Natural Stone And Paver Sealer Products Include:

Clear Sealer for Natural Stone

Tough high build epoxy color coat used for a variety of surfaces including concrete, metal and wood. Very low odor high solids epoxy.

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Oil and stain resistant penetrating sealer

Resistant to food stains grease and motor oils as well as highly to water resistant.  Effective in food preparation areas around BBQs and areas susceptible to stain from grease and oil. 

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Wetlook sealer for pavers and Concrete

Concentrate water based gloss sealer used for protecting bricks and interlocking concrete pavers.  Gloss Non-yellowing finish with mold resistant.

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