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It is important to choose the right type of cleaner to do the most effective job of cleaning dirt and removing stain and efflorescence without harming the surface.  For cleaning natural stone, it is important to avoid cleaners that are very acidic (low pH).  Similarly, you need to be careful that the cleaners are not too caustic (high pH) which can bleach and dull colored paves and some stone.

If you are dealing with oil stains and grease, then CoverClean HC is a natural microbial cleaner safe to use on pavers and natural stone.  For general purpose hard floor cleaning and degreasing our SurfaceClean is an excellent choice. This product is a concentrate that you dilute with clean water to meet your cleaning needs.  SurfaceClean is very effective for cleaning grout and stone tile on shower floors, mold and mildew from travertine stone surfaces both interior and exterior. Surface PrepWork is designed for cleaning efflorescence, grout haze and cement marks from brick, concrete and stone surfaces. PowerStrip is a powerful but safe chemical stripper and remover developed especially for stripping existing sealer form pavers and natural stone floors interior or exterior.

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