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Take your Installation to the next level!


The right tools will help you to achieve better finishes and decreased work time. This is true for both large or small area projects.

CoverTec supplies tools and accessories that have been tested and proven to work specifically with our sealers, coatings and cleaning products.  These professional-grade application tools and accessories are invaluable in achieving high-quality results for your project.

Our Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Sealers Include:
GlazeGuard Gloss: Hi Gloss Wet Look
GlazeGuard Matte: Flat Natural Look
GlazeGuard Satin: Satin Semi-Gloss Look
Wood Look Tile
Restroom Tile
Hardwood Floors

Wetlook or Natural Look Ceramic Tile Sealer
Developed specifically to seal ceramic and porcelain tile and grout. Provides tough gloss wetlook or natural look across the tile floor to protect and beautify. Slip resistant options inside and outside the property.
Porcelain Tile Sealers
At CoverTec Products we can help you find the right porcelain tile sealer for your floors. Our options include GlazeGuard Gloss, GlazeGuard Matte and GlazeGuard Satin for porcelain flooring.

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