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We offer a specialty range of stone restoration and stone cleaning products. These products were developed to make stone restoration more successful and to deal with key problems facing the professional stone restorer.

To hold back efflorescence and moisture in the stone before any topical treatment or polishing we recommend the Stone Block SD125.  This product will penetrate deep into the surface and prevent the transmission of salts, efflorescence and moisture.  It will also densify and harden stone before polishing.

CoverShield CTS200 is a very effective way to seal natural stone with minimum polishing steps.  This ceramic-based sealer is applied in micro thin coatings to achieve a high gloss finish by burnishing the fast drying sealer.

Periodic cleaning and maintenance can be achieved using SurfaceRestore which cleans and rejuvenates the sealer at the same time

For day-to-day cleaning and to maintain the life of the stone floor it is important to avoid using harsh chemicals. CoverClean AE is a microbial based cleaner cleans without leaving a residue a This cleaner will deep clean food-based oils and stains, pet mess and daily dirt and grime.


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