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SurfaceTreat Deep Cleaner & Floor Protector


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Location : Interior
Task : Clean /Cleanse Floor Finish
Application : Wet Mop Spray Bottle Auto Scrubber
Surface : Interior Floor Finish
Base : Water Based
Drytime : Dries Film Free
Coverage : 2 - 8 oz/gal
Finish : Clear Natural

SurfaceTreat Tile Cleaner and Protector

What's On This Page:

The Best Way To Clean And Maintain Vinyl (LVT) And Rubber Floors – Without Stripping And Waxing

Every day at CoverTec, we hear from professionals in charge of cleaning and maintaining Vinyl tile (LVT) or rubber floor surfaces in high foot and vehicle traffic areas like:

  • – Grocery stores
  • – Universities
  • – Schools
  • – Airports
  • – Prison facilities
  • – Entertainment venues
  • – Etc.

These property managers, facility managers, contractors or janitorial companies find it very difficult to maintain floor surfaces like these for continuous use.  CoverTec Products designed a very targeted solution for these customers to use in the heavy wear and tear environments. It’s called SurfaceTreat.

This product will deep clean the surface – without damaging the floor finish – so you don’t have to strip and wax the floor.  As a result, you’re going to save on cleaning costs dramatically – especially labor-wise. You’ll save time and not have to worry about warranty issues.

luxury vinyl plank floor cleaner

For example:

There’s massive growth in the use of luxury vinyl tile (LVT).  Most floor professionals don’t know that manufacturers will void the floor’s warranty – if you use stripping chemicals.

Why? The answer is because these chemicals will damage the floorSo if you can’t strip the floor, how do you maintain these surfaces?

Well, you can use SurfaceTreat to clean – and cleanse the floor finish – instead of stripping the surface.

How Do You Reduce Or Eliminate Labor Costs When Cleaning And Maintaining VCT And Rubber Floors?

The answer is, instead of stripping and waxing, or scrubbing and re-coating the floor finish, you actually deep clean it.

This allows you to avoid all the labor costs and the time involved those 2 processes.

Without stripping and waxing the floor, SurfaceTreat will open up the finish, and remove the embedded dirt.

Then it dries down, leaving a polishing or hardening compound that toughens the floor, and makes it much easier to maintain going forward.

What Is SurfaceTreat No Strip, Cleaner And Protector?

SurfaceTreat is a no-strip solution for maintaining vinyl and rubber flooring.

We’re talking about the type of flooring that you might find in high foot or vehicle traffic areas.

It’s used to eliminate – or significantly reduce – the need for stripping and waxing floors. (It’s for machine maintained floors.)

If you’re using auto scrubbers – whether low or high speed equipment – then you could incorporate SurfaceTreat into your maintenance program, and eliminate the cost of stripping and waxing altogether.

That alone can bring down your overall maintenance costs by as much as 40%.

best cleaner for luxury vinyl plank floors
luxury vinyl floor cleaner

Why Is SurfaceTreat Eco-Cleaner Better Than Other Brands?

There are 3 reasons why SurfaceTreat cleans and maintains high traffic vinyl and rubber floors better that store-bought brands.

  1. A standard cleaner, like a neutral cleaner is just cleaning the dirt that’s on the surface.
  2. SurfaceTreat cleans the dirt on the surface – WHILE opening the pores of the floor finish – to remove that deeper embedded dirt.
  3. SurfaceTreat leaves a protective layer on the surface that will burnish or buff up, and harden and toughen the floor.

The technology comes from the pharmaceutical industry, where they have cleansers that open up the pores of your skin, and remove the dirt.

That’s the same principle CoverTec Products uses with SurfaceTreat. 

Essentially, it is opening up the pores of the floor finish. Then it’s removing the embedded dirt. And afterward, it dries down. 

This is why SurfaceTreat is so much more effective than a standard floor cleaner.

best floor cleaner for luxury vinyl plank
cleaner for luxury vinyl floors

How Do Typical Floor Finish Cleaners Work?

Standard floor cleaners work typically by removing the dirt that’s just on the surface.  They completely miss the dirt that is embedded in the sealer or the floor finish.  Typically, the only way to clean out that second layer of dirt is to use a stripping compound to remove one or two layers.

Using SurfaceTreat avoids that entire process of stripping the surface.  It gets the embedded dirt out of the floor finish or the floor sealer – WITHOUT needing to strip the floor.

floor cleaner for luxury vinyl plank
best cleaner for luxury vinyl plank flooring

What Are The Benefits Of Using SurfaceTreat Over A Competing Product?

The first benefit of using SurfaceTreat is that you’re eliminating the floor stripping.  This means no more wasted labor and time spent on stripping and waxing the floor.  Customers using the product have reported saving up to 40% of their floor maintenance costs.

SurfaceTreat also leaves behind a compound on the surface which – when burnished or buffeted – will actually toughen up the floor.  This means you’ll have a much harder, more durable floor.  SurfaceTreat is non-yellowing. It has a low odor. It provides slip-resistance. And it’s very eco-friendly.

How many store-bought cleaners you currently use:

  • – Contain no harsh chemicals, and
  • – Remove the slip and fall issues associated with continuous stripping and waxing?

SurfaceTreat is supplied as a concentrate. You can use it for:

  • – Daily cleaning
  • – Deep cleaning.
  • – Repairing high stress or worn out areas. (Floor professionals know what these areas are.)

For daily cleaning, simply add to 1 or 2 ounces to the water in your mop bucket or into the auto-scrubber.  Two ounces per gallon of water will clean approx. 500 square feet thoroughly by mopping it onto the floor.  Then you can clean the floor with an auto scrubber, using a red or green pad, to clean and cleanse the floor finish.

If the dirt is deeply embedded, increase the dosage to 8 ounces per gallon of water.  Then follow the same process with the auto-scrubber to extract the stubborn dirt.

What Are The Best Ways To Use SurfaceTreat Cleaner?

Where it really stands out is in cleaning up “repair areas” that experience continuous heavy foot and vehicle traffic.

Places like:

  • – Elevator entrances
  • – Store and supermarket checkout areas
  • – Standing nursing stations
  • – Etc.

Floor professionals know these as “high stress areas” that need significant cleaning power.  In these cases, simply use SurfaceTreat as is – in it’s un-diluted, concentrated form.  Spread the solution on the floor.  Then come back with a high-speed burnishing pad and burnish out any scratches or scuffs or marks.  SurfaceTreat is extremely effective in these situations.

You can get up to 32,000 square feet out of a gallon of SurfaceTreat if you’re using it at 2-ounce applications.  And if you are using it at 8 ounces per gallon of water, you’ll get around 8,000 square feet of area cleaned.

The bottom line: it’s a very cost effective solution to the maintenance of Vinyl tile (LVT) and rubber flooring surfaces.


  • Cleans and restores in one step
  • Penetrates and removes embedded dirt
  • Cleans up to 4 coats deep
  • Eliminates stripping
  • Eliminates spray buff and restores
  • Works with all speed floor machines
  • Creates a protective shield against dirt
  • Extends life of gloss floors
  • Adds toughness and anti slip surface
  • Green formulation

Typical Uses

  • Deep cleaner/protector
  • Maintain finished waxes and sealers
  • All composition, resilient and non-resilient flooring
  • Commercial
  • Institutional
  • Educational
  • Industrial

Shelf Life

12 months when stored at 77°F (25°C) or less in a dry and shaded area.


Sweep floor to remove loose dirt.

For deep scrubbing and cleaning without stripping

Dilute 8fl.oz per 1 gallon of water. Use a black strip pad under a low-speed machine or automatic scrubber to deeply cleanse the finish (will not strip finish). Cleans up to 4 layers deep. Scrub floor and pick up the solution in one pass or damp-mop thoroughly. Let it dry.

For day to day cleaning

Use in a mop bucket or auto scrubber. Dilute 2.0 Fl.oz per 1 gal cold water and use any time floors are moped or scrubbed.

For high speed burnish

Use SurfaceTreat undiluted in a quart spray bottle.   Adjust trigger sprayer to a stream.  Spray in front of the machine as you walk slowly forward in a straight line. 1 spray every 10 steps.

To repair high-stress areas

Such as in front of elevators, entrance ways and between check -out counters.  Use SurfaceTreat undiluted in a quart spray bottle with a high-speed burnisher and pad.  Adjust trigger sprayer to a stream.  Spray in front of the machine as you walk slowly forward in a straight line. 2 sprays every 2 steps.  Walk the machine backward over the same area to close the surface.


Do not mist spray Surface Treat.  Adjust trigger to stream spray

Do not apply below 40°F (5°C)

Do not use on surfaces that can be harmed by water.

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