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Concrete Floor Coating Systems

3 Benefits of Installing a Waterproof Concrete Sealer

Whether you’re cleaning your old concrete floor or laying a new one, don’t forget to install a waterproof concrete sealer. Concrete floors come in many sizes and textures. Some are smooth, and some are rough, but regardless of where your concrete floor is and how you decide to use it, a waterproof sealant is beneficial in all scenarios. Here are three reasons to consider adding a waterproof concrete sealer to your floor.

Strengthen and Extend with Waterproof Concrete Sealer

Waterproof sealants over concrete can help extend your floor’s life expectancy and strengthen its overall durability. Rain, spills, oil, and grease are all common substances that can leak into its porous finish. However, by laying a sealant that dispels liquid, you’re protecting your floors against rusting, deterioration, and possible rotting.

Keep Your Floor Presentable

Since concrete is such a porous substance, it’s no wonder that many garages and commercial buildings collect their fair shares of stains. With liquids of all colors seeping in, your guests may not even notice that your flooring was once a beautiful, smooth, surface. Especially for resale value, you’ll want to clean your concrete flooring, and lay down a waterproof sealant. It can look brand new if you want it to!

Save Money with a Waterproof Concrete Sealer

You might think that a concrete floor is a one-time payment. However, if the concrete absorbs liquids and acquires mold, you’re going to spend a lot more money that you thought you were. Mold is visible to the eye and is also a health hazard. At CoverTec, our waterproof concrete sealer offers a way to help your mold growth stop. Eventually, you’ll even notice that the mold is going away.

At CoverTec, we work with engineers and scientists to bring our customers top-quality products and innovation. By waterproofing your flooring you’re adding value, saving money and advancing your potential resale returns. Damage to a floor isn’t an easy fix. Instead, be cautious and preventative by using our waterproof concrete sealer today. Visit our store online at and see how we can provide you and your friends with some of the best protection in the market.

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