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Cleaning Grease With One Product, All Surfaces

Heavy grease build up on the floor walls counter tops, hoods and cabinets can be really difficult to remove without the use of the right cleaner. There are many options for cleaning grease, particularly kitchen grease on the market today. Each has their benefits along with many warnings and limitations on what substrates they can or cannot be used. For example a product used for cleaning grease off a stainless steel hood cannot be used on wood cabinets. One cleaner good for quarry tile cannot be used on marble tile and so on. Faced with all these options and considerations for cleaning grease is there one right product for all surfaces? Biological cleaning solutions provide the best answer to this question. As long as the surface can be cleaned and not harmed by water then biological cleaners offer a superior alternative to chemicals used for cleaning grease in the kitchen and without all the limitations.

The Biological Cleaner Process

Biological cleaning is achieved by three major components within the product. The first is a biodegradable surfactant (or emulsifier) which instantly breaks the grime and grease down to molecular size. This is done in order to achieve the maximum surface area of the grease to allow the microbes the greatest area of activity. In breaking down the fats, oils and greases, the cleaning process begins. The second component of the liquid is a biocatalyst which provides extra oxygen for enhanced biological action and faster results. The third component is a select blend, natural, oil consuming microbes also added during manufacture. The heart of the biological cleaning process is microbes that eat oil. These beneficial microorganisms break down even the most resistant grease, keeping the surface truly deep-clean and odor free. These microbes are cultivated, not genetically engineered, to eat oil and other organic substances sugary stains, starch urea and grease. They convert oil, fat and grease to harmless, natural occurring products, environmentally safe for humans, pets, plant and aquatic life.

Benefits of Biological cleaning

  • Natural Process
  • Exceptional Cleaner
  • Rapidly penetrates grease, animal and vegetable fat and oils
  • No exposure to harsh chemicals
  • Will not leave a residue
  • Will not dull cleaned surfaces
  • Can be used on multiple surfaces

CT-MicroClean FG is a highly effective cleaning solution that uses micro–organisms to digest and clean fat, oil and grease. MicroClean FG leaves no residue and is the product of choice when compared against chemical degreasers.Applied by spray, or mop CT-MicroClean FG is USDA compliant for use in food preparation areas.

CT-MicroClean FG microbial cleaner can be obtained direct from CoverTec. If you are interested in buying this product, please email your request or call us at 754-223-2465 to discuss your project.

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