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Durable Floor Sealing Products Sunrise

Most people don’t know the difference between a sealer and a finish, which is pretty common. They are similar, but with minor variations. CoverTec Products can help you distinguish whether a sealer or finish would be best for the project you are completing. Give us a call today if you have any questions about durable floor sealing products in Sunrise (754) 223-2465.

What Is The Difference Between Seal and Finish?

A seal is a chemical that protects floors by soaking into the pores found naturally in highly absorbent materials, clogging them so that staining agents can’t get down into them. A finish is a product that creates an invisible protective layer over the surface of the floor, acting as a barrier against staining agents.

Slip Resistant Flooring Sealer

These are chemicals that work two-fold, both protecting your floor, and creating a gentle traction across its surface which makes it more slip resistant. This is great for high traffic areas, or areas with a lot of water spillage.


Most durable floor sealing products are applied using some form of brush. Before you begin the floor has to be cleaned thoroughly. Any small particles that are left can end up embedded in the chemical. Make sure that you use a light hand and apply only a very thin, even coat each time, with no bubbles or rises. Sealants are applied in multiple coats, with each coat allowed to dry fully.

Types Of Flooring Sealant

The three main categories of flooring sealant or polyurethane, water based, and solvent. Poly creates the strongest and most permanent coating, but does have a toxic, lingering odor. Water based seals are more eco-friendly, and less toxic, but also less effective. Solvent based seals are strong, but can be quite toxic and need to be applied only in well ventilated areas.

The Reason For Sealing
Sealing is done in order to protect a floor and increase its effective life span. Some materials will need to be sealed more often than others. Some only need to be sealed once. Over time, an application of sealant may start to fade away due to a regular regimen of sweeping, vacuuming, or damp mopping to remove small grit particle that can tear at the protective layer.

If you are in the market for durable floor sealing products then CoverTec Products has you covered. Come in today if you have any questions; we are located at 10857 NW 50th Street; Sunrise, FL 33351. Our professionals are always willing to help or answer questions. If you need to speak with someone sooner, call us at (754) 223-2465. We are waiting to hear from you!

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