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Find the Best Industrial Floor Coatings in Sunrise, FL

Whether you run a warehouse, factory or food service, the condition of your floors plays a huge role in your business.

Most industrial floors are made from concrete. But it’s important to remember concrete floors are porous, which means they are more likely to absorb dirt, chemicals and other contaminants which can make your flooring look dirty and even create an unsafe work environment. But there is a safe and effective way to help your industrial flooring look better and safer. The engineers and chemists at CoverTec Products have developed an innovative line of industrial floor coatings in Sunrise, designed to withstand the toughest conditions South Florida’s climate has to offer.

One of the biggest floor contaminants in an industrial setting is oil. Concrete may appear strong and sturdy. But it’s also vulnerable to oil and chemicals which can penetrate its surface and cause significant damage. To help companies and businesses maintain the floors at their industrial facilities, CoverTec has developed a series of high quality floor coating products in Sunrise.

Among the industrial floor coatings they’ve developed on the market is Primer OVS. This heavy duty industrial floor coating is designed to specifically address oil contaminated concrete and stop the debonding of coatings and floor toppings. Primer OVS is an epoxy primer which provides a strong bond with concrete and prevents hazardous materials from penetrating its surface. Once the primer is applied to your concrete floor, it makes cleanup much easier. Primer OVS also creates a chemical barrier which prevents the spread of oil throughout the concrete floor and walls. It’s grey in coloring, which makes it blend well with your floors without causing any discoloration. It’s hard surface guards industrial flooring from any further wear and tear.

What separates Primer OVS from other industrial floor coatings in Sunrise, is its quick turnaround. You can apply additional industrial floor coatings the next day. CoverTec Products’ industrial floor coatings are perfect for the following:

  • Industrial warehouse floors
  • Industrial factory floors
  • Auto shop industrial floors
  • Industrial government facilities
  • Food service industrial flooring
  • Health care facilities
  • Educational institutions

To provide the best industrial floor coatings in Sunrise, CoverTec Products are designed with five basic principles. Sunrise, FL floor coatings and sealers need to be stain resistant, provide superior adhesion, must be non-yellowing, provide high traction and minimize slippage, and create a fast turnaround. Your industrial business depends on a clean and well-functioned facility to maximize production and keep your workers performing their jobs in a safe and healthy environment. For more information on CoverTec’s concrete floor coatings systems, call their flooring experts in Sunrise, FL today at (754) 223-2465.

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