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Find High Quality Floor Sealing Products in Sunrise, FL

Why do homeowners and business owners need high quality floor sealing products?

Floor sealing products are used to enhance a floor’s appearance. Concrete floors should be sealed to prevent it from getting hard-to-clean stains. Floor sealing also helps to maintain its color. Sealer can have either a matte or gloss sheen. Furthermore, floor sealing provides the floors with unique adhesion promoters that allow the coating of glazed of ceramic tile. It even helps to with non-yellowing, which is a major color range of UV stable coatings and grout sealer. When one seals their floors, they are taking a step of precaution because the floor sealing has a high coefficient of friction, meaning it has a slip resistance coating even when it is wet.

If you live in Sunrise, FL or in another city in Broward County, you are privileged. Now you can get high quality floor sealing products at CoverTec Products. CoverTec Products is a United States manufacturer and distributor of floor coatings, floor cleaners, and waterproofing products.

CoverTec Products has floor sealing products and floor coating products that can be used for all floors – concrete, wood, tile, stone, brick, metal, rubber, and aged asphalt. Their products are primarily used in flooring applications, roof and wall waterproofing, and for industrial and commercial maintenance. CoverTec Products has combined its years of experience in the flooring industry to produce products that can really solve all of your flooring issues.

The professional floor experts at CoverTec Products know that the key to successful sealing and coating projects is to properly clean and prepare the surface and then apply the appropriate product. CoverTec Products offers multiple flooring products.

You can get floor cleaning products, concrete floor coatings, deck, roof and wall coatings, clear surface sealers, hard tile and grout coatings, and vinyl tile/Terrazzo floor coatings in Sunrise, FL. They offer the best floor cleaning brands such as CoverShield, Glaze Guard, and Vinyl Guard. All of their floor products can be used for non-skid/anti-slip, stain and oil resistance, and the waterproofing of hard surfaces.

If you are interested in any of the floor sealing products provided by CoverTec Products in Sunrise, FL, visit their retail location. CoverTec Products is located on 10857 NW 50th Street, Sunrise, FL 33351. You can call them today at (754) 223-2465 to get more information on their individual products.

For all of those contractors who may need assistance with using the flooring products, CoverTec Products has a number of product experts in the field to provide you with technical support and training. Get your floor looking great with CoverTec Products!

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