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Is Your Vinyl Floor Sealer Kid Friendly?

We all want the best for our children. When you drop your kids off at school or a daycare facility, you expect your child to be in safe and secure environment. But when it comes to your child’s safety, most parents never think about the flooring at schools and daycare facilities. Vinyl floors are common among schools and childcare centers. If your child’s school isn’t using the right vinyl floor sealer, they could be exposed to harmful chemicals that can cause illness, aggravate allergies and even cause long-term respiratory issues—including asthma. CoverTec Products has developed a new water-based high quality flooring sealing product designed to keep floors looking their best without harmful chemicals. Vinyl Guard is a revolutionary new floor sealer, perfect for the vinyl tile floors often found at childcare facilities.

If you have children, you already know they’re extremely sensitive to germs, odors and chemicals. Not only do kids get sick very easily, they often spread their germs when they’re at home. When your kids are exposed to harmful chemicals from flooring materials and outdated floor sealers, they can contract health issues that can affect the entire family. Many buildings rely on floor sealing products to help to protect the floors against dirst, scuffs and stains. But there are some consequences. The professionals at CoverTec Products believe a great looking floor shouldn’t have to come at the expense of your child’s health.

Vinyl Guard is a high quality floor sealing product developed specifically to prevent common health issues associated with flooring. As a water-based floor sealer, it’s also environmentally friendly and meets today’s LEED Green Building Rating System. Here’s how it works. When applied to vinyl tile floors, Vinyl Guard immediately goes to work by filling cracks and seams in the floor. This creates a tough, dense surface barrier which blocks harmful compounds, such as lead, cadmium and phthalate plasticizers. A durable vinyl floor sealer, Vinyl Guard provides maximum infection control. There’s no room for bacteria or microorganism to grow or flourish. In addition to the great health and environmental benefits, Vinyl Guard functions to the highest standards of our high quality floor sealing products in Fort Lauderdale. This helps your floors look better, shinier and healthier than ever before.

Vinyl Guard is part of CoverTec’s comprehensive CoverShield Flooring System. Our team of scientists and floorings experts takes pride in creating durable floor coating products designed to keep indoor, outdoor and industrial floors look and function at their best. But we also care about the health of our customers. Keep your kids healthy and safe by using the right high quality floor sealing product. Order Vinyl Guard online or contact our team of professionals today.

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