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Concrete Floor Cleaning Sunrise

Keep Your Concrete Surfaces Strong with a Chemical Resistant Sealer in Sunrise

Concrete often seems indestructible.

Concrete’s strength and durability make it the perfect outdoor surface, whether it’s for your driveway, sidewalk or for your patio. But just like anything else, nothing lasts forever. When constantly exposed to South Florida’s extreme heat, humidity and rainy weather, concrete will eventually begin to crack and show signs of wear and tear. But now there’s a way to keep your concrete surfaces lasting long and looking their best.

CoverTec Products has designed a complete line of chemical resistant sealers in Sunrise to help maintain your concrete surfaces lasting for years to come.

Protect Your Concrete Floors with Sealing Products!

Here are the facts about concrete. Although it appears strong and sturdy, concrete is a porous surface—which means it routinely absorbs water and soluble salt, causing steady deterioration. If you’re a homeowner in South Florida, it’s critical to protect your concrete surfaces. The best solution is to apply a sealer or a high quality concrete floor coating product in Sunrise. The first function of a concrete sealer is to serve as a water repellent and prevent the penetration of water soluble contaminants, such as chlorides into the concrete layer.

High quality floor sealing products in Sunrise typically contain silicon-based material along with linseed oil solutions as well as acrylic, epoxy and polyurethane materials. When a sealer is applied to a floor, it reacts with the components of concrete to fill pores. This provides greater protection from water. Sealers with silicon are the most popular concrete sealers because they provide the best protection against oxidation.

Before applying a concrete sealer, it’s important to thoroughly clean the surface. This enables the sealer to provide the maximum protection. If your concrete surfaces are covered with grease or oil, it prevents the sealers from properly repelling water. Another important pre-sealing step is to fix any cracks or damages in the concrete’s surface.

It’s also important to remember the materials used to repair the concrete must be appropriate for the surface environment. Pressure cleaning is the best method to prepare concrete before applying a sealer. Some surfaces can be sufficiently cleaned by using detergents or other cleaning solutions. But make sure the detergents are compatible with the concrete sealer.

Improving your concrete surfaces has never been easier. CoverTec Products are created to provide maximum protection for all flooring needs. The company also places a high priority on environmentally safe products which include a full line of chemical resistant sealers in Sunrise, FL. To learn more call the flooring experts at CoverTec Products today.

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