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Non Slip Tile Sealer at the Biltmore Hotel, Miami

Why Non Slip Tile?

The existing Jerusalem Tile bathroom floors became very slippery when wet from water running off the shower curtain on to the floors. In addition water was leaking through the grout joints and down into the large meeting room below and damaging the historic ceiling. Attempts to seal the floor with acrylic non slip tile sealers and floor wax had not solve the problem and only made the slip and fall hazard worse.

The Solution

Glaze Guard was selected as the best material to provide a non slip tile sealer to the bathrooms floors. This clear non slip tile sealer bonds to hard tile surfaces and is waterproof and highly slip resistant. Very importantly Glaze Guard could be applied to the tile surface without changing the appearance of the original surface. The owner decided on a satin finish for the tile. The thinking was that this would give a nice sheen to the tile without appearing too slick.


The existing tile and grout surfaces were stripped and cleaned using CT-TileClean.
Drying was by wet-vac and fans. Glaze Guard was then applied in a single coat by roller at a rate of 400 sq.ft and allowed to dry for 12 hours.

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