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How to Seal Concrete Floors Using Durable Floor Sealing Products from CoverTec

How to Seal Concrete Floors Using Durable Floor Sealing Products from CoverTec

More residents in Sunrise, FL are getting decorative concrete floors installed in their homes. They are a good alternative to tile or natural stone products. Concrete floors are porous and they should be sealed to prevent staining. High quality floor sealers in Sunrise, FL come in either a matte or gloss sheen. CoverTec Products is a US manufacturer and distributor of floor coatings, floor cleaners, and waterproofing products. Their protective coating products, sealers, and cleaners can be applied to many substrates including concrete, wood, tile, stone, brick, metal, rubber, and aged asphalt.

CoverTec’s high quality substrate cleaner products have numerous attributes.

The high quality floor cleaning products are deep cleaning. They work on and below the surface of the floors. CoverTec Products’ concrete floor cleaning products work on fat oil and grease. They clean any hydrocarbon contaminate. They reduce slip and fall accidents, leaving absolutely no residue on the surface.

There is zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or bad odors left by the cleaning products. CoverTec Products carries long lasting wear resistant sealer that is fast acting. It has exception industrial strength. All of their flooring products are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Once you have all the concrete sealing products you need from CoverTec Products, you need to get started on your project. You want to do a good job at sealing your concrete floors. In order to do that, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Remove everything from the room that you are going to seal. You want to seal the whole, entire concrete floor in your home or business.
  2. Remove the baseboard or molding from the walls using a pry bar or putty knife. Be gentle; you don’t want to crack or break apart any of the baseboard.
  3. Use a broom to sweep any debris that is on the floor. Remove the dirt, dust, dead bugs, nails, and any other material you may find on the floor.
  4. Feel free to open any windows or door in the room so that it can ventilate properly.

10. Allow the concrete filler to dry for another 24 hours or as directed on the packaging.

11. Pour some concrete sealer into a painting tray.

12. Apply the sealer evenly to the floor. You can use a paint roller or a paint brush.

13. Let the sealer dry off. Wait between 12 and 24 hours.

14. Last but not least, nail the molding or baseboard back to the base of the wall and return the tools to the room.

5. Remove the grease from the concrete floors using a degreasing product.

6. Scrub any oily areas with a wire brush.

7. Rinse the concrete surface by mopping until the grease, dirt, and/ or debris is completely removed.

8. Allow the concrete surface to dry completely. This process may take up to 24 hours.

9. After, fill any cracks or crevices with quick-drying concrete filter.

CoverTec offers innovative chemistry for substrate sealing solutions in Sunrise, FL. CoverTec Products’ office is based in Sunrise, FL, but their products are also manufactured in the states of Texas and Pennsylvania.

CoverTec Products is committed to green building and LEED certification contributions. CoverTec is a proud member of the US Green Building Council. Their floor cleaning products have a range of approvals including that of Energy Star, the US Department of Agriculture, and the National Science Foundation.

With CoverTec Products, you will be satisfied with the floor sealing you will complete in your home or business. Call CoverTec Products today to place an order of their floor cleaning products.

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