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Toyota Dealership Needed to Reduce Slip and Fall Risk – CoverTec Helped Their Contractor Improve Slip Resistance

The management at a major Toyota dealership needed to restore the anti-slip finish to 15,000 sq. ft. of epoxy flooring in their service area.  The contractor they were using called CoverTec Products to consult with them and recommend an anti slip treatment.  Read the story below.

What's in This Blog Post:

The Problems

15,000 Square Feet of Epoxy Flooring Needed Work

When CoverTec’s team met with the contractor at the dealership, here’s what they found out:

  • The existing epoxy surface was in good condition, but over several years the original aluminum oxide anti slip additive had worn off.
  • This left the floor extremely slippery when wet.
  • Water from air-conditioning units, radiator fluid and oil leaks presented a daily hazard.
  • The Risk Assessment Team at Toyota was looking for a durable, highly slip resistant finish, that could be installed over the existing surface, with minimum shut down time, and still provide good chemical and wear resistance.

The Solution

Applying A Heavy-Duty Clear Sealer And An Anti-Slip Additive

The solution we suggested to the contractor was to apply StrongSeal Plus heavy-duty clear sealer over the top of the existing surface.  Then, broadcast CoverGrip ant-slip aggregate into the sealer while it was still wet.

The advantage of this system is that StrongSeal Plus is formulated with adhesion promoters so it adheres strongly to the existing epoxy.

CoverGrip anti slip additive is also made from clear polycarbonate and is extremely tough and hard wearing and can hold up to heavy foot and tire traffic.

CoverTec Products advised the contractor to roll out the project in the following way:

  • First, the existing surface had to be scrubbed clean using SurfaceClean degreaser and auto scrubbing equipment
  • Second, both the StrongSeal Plus and CoverGrip should be applied using low pressure spray equipment
  • And last of all, top coat approximately 4000 sq. ft. of epoxy per day, and return the treated areas to service after a 12 to 18-hour curing time.

The Results

A Clear Finish, Medium-Sheen Surface, That Was Highly Slip Resistant

The completed service area was left with a clear finish, medium-sheen surface, that was highly slip resistant, ultra-durable and resistant to oil, grease, dirt or food stains.

The installation was done after hours and with minimal shut down time.

The dealership’s management and the contractor had taken active steps to mitigate slip and fall accidents in a cost-effective manner.

“The floor met and exceeded the minimum requirements of 0.42 DCOF in accordance with ANSI / NFSI B101.3 Floor Safety Standard”.

Charles Idowu. C.Eng, MICE Technical Director of CoverTec.

Floor Coating Products

Scientifically Measuring The Slip-Resistance

Want to see how CoverTec can scientifically measure the slip-resistance of your surfaces before and after applying their products?

Watch this quick video.

We were excited when the contractor on this Toyota dealership’s project called us to advise them.  The management team was great bunch of professionals, and clearly cared about the safety of their customers and employees.

If you’re responsible for the safety and care of your business’s surfaces, contact us about testing the traction of the floors at the front and in the back of your business

We’ll show you how to decrease the possibility of slip and fall incidents occurring on your premises without guessing or hoping it works.

As always, if you have any questions about which product is the best for your unique situation, call us at: 754-253-3401

Thanks for reading our blog post.  See you soon!

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