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Ceramic & Porcelain

The NewTile System is designed to protect and refurbish hard tile floors from discoloration, abrasive wear, chemical attack, mold and bacterial growth. This seal and coating system consists of two products, Glaze Guard and CT-Grout.

Vinyl & Rubber Flooring

Vinyl Guard is a highly durable semi-permanent floor coating use to replace traditional wax and acrylic floor finishes. Used on vinyl (VCT) and terrazzo floors, Vinyl Guard is extremely resistant to abrasion, scratching and marring.

Concrete & Terrazzo

CoverTec resinous flooring systems combine the ease of installation with the required toughness and durability for challenging industrial and chemical environments.

Roof & Deck

CoverTec has and in depth knowledge of roof and wall waterproofing issues. Over the years we have develop a core group of coating solutions that are proven in many tough environments to hold up extremely well to hash UV and weathering attack.

Pavers & Natural Stone

CoverTec offers a series of heavy duty, clear sealer for porous substrates such as concrete brick and stone. All these sealer and coating products are hold up to harsh exposure and weathering and outperform many common available products in the market.

Floor Cleaning Products

CoverTec coating expertise is backed by an extensive knowledge of substrate cleaning issues and surface preparation challenges. We have developed a group of floor cleaning products specific to substrate types and the nature of contamination.

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