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Where are the Best Places to Use Tile and Grout Sealer?

Tile has been used as a construction material for centuries, and it’s no mystery why. Tile can last for years while still holding strong. But, tile flooring isn’t completely impervious. In fact, it’s very susceptible to microbial damage thanks to its porous structure. We all know how difficult it can be to clean deep-set stains out of tile and grout, often people simply re-stain their grout instead of getting things clean. At CoverTec Products, we think that tile flooring can be improved. With our tile and grout sealer, you can keep your tile and grout stain free without worrying about constant scrubbing. This is because our various tile and grout sealers form a microbial layer of protection over your flooring, keeping stains from setting in the tile in the first place! There are many applications for your sealers, including:Tile and Grout Sealer Sunrise, FL

  • Home Flooring. Our tile and grout sealers can protect high traffic flooring in commercial and residential spaces. If you’re tired of spending what feels like forever scrubbing your tile floors, keep stains from happening in the first place with our Glaze Guard and CT-Grout sealers. Together, these sealers create our NewTile system, a combination of sealers that can completely revive your tile and prevent future staining or wear.
  • Restaurant Kitchens. Restaurant kitchens are a recipe for disaster. With high traffic, crowded spaces and often slippery tiles, these floors are a worker’s comp case waiting to happen. Our NewTile system can add clear texture to your tile flooring, adding outstanding non-slip properties. Additionally, this tile and grout sealer can keep your restaurant flooring from staining.
  • Outdoor Tile. Pool decks, patios and even outdoor restaurant areas often use natural stone tiles to create a rustic and natural space. While natural stone looks beautiful, it’s especially susceptible to damage. The tile’s porous nature and outdoor location are the perfect combination for considerable staining and wear. Not to worry, with our natural stone sealer you can protect these floors. We have a Penetrating Sealer which creates a clear film, or our WetLook sealer that brings a thick finish available in matte or gloss.

These are just some of the spaces that can benefit from our tile and grout sealers. Whether your tiles are created from porcelain, natural stone or anything in between, these surfaces can benefit greatly from proper protection. You can keep your tile and grout from becoming stained and damaged with our sealing products. You can call our specialists at (754) 223-2465 to discover which products are best for your tile floors.

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