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Why Oil Resistant Paint is Great for Resale Purposes

When you’re selling your home or business, you’ll need to clean up your property space. One of the most challenging locations to clean are the rooms with concrete flooring. Not only does it accumulate a variety of seemingly permanent stains, but it’s also not as appealing after many years of hard work and vehicle oil spills. That’s why so many property owners are looking into oil resistant paint as an alternative. Not only will it keep your garage or commercial building looking brand new every day, but it will also ensure that you have a better chance at selling your home or business at a more profitable price.

Clean and Seal with Oil Resistant Paint

In order to get your home or business ready for a buyer, you’ll first need to remove the existing stains. Of course, you can rip out the flooring and simply lay a new one, but it’s safe to say that it’s an expensive alternative. Instead, CoverTec has created an entire line of floor cleaning and sealant products that not only rejuvenate but also deep clean and protect. Our products range from microbial, environmentally-friendly, concrete cleaners, to oil resistant paint.

The cleaner works to dive into the concrete’s surface to pull out any unwanted debris. Concrete is quite porous, so it’s no surprise when the black stains begin to take over the surface. However, after the cleaning starts to take place at a molecular level, those stains resurface so that you can have your clean concrete floor back. Afterward, you can apply a fresh coat of oil resistant paint. This will keep your garage or commercial space clean for generations to come. No matter how many oil spills you have, or the new owners have, you can rest assured that they’ll be easy to clean and non-damaging.

At CoverTec, we pride ourselves on working with a handful of engineers and scientists to provide residents across the nation with cleaning and protecting products that actually work. We also believe in going green, and not working with chemicals that leave a carbon footprint. For products that are genuinely beneficial for your floors, easy to use, and environmentally compatible, visit our website today at We’re ready to help you sell your property, and receive what you know it’s worth.

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