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How to Clean Oil Off Concrete Sunrise

Why Paver Sealing is Important

If you’ve ever seen pavers that are not sealed, then you know how rough the elements can be on their longevity and appearance. Between the oil stains, grease stains, chemical exposure, sunlight damage, and wear and tears, pavers are susceptible to serious injury if not taken care of properly. Luckily, paver sealing is an option and can ensure that your pavers stay in pristine condition all year long.

CoverTec: Paver Sealing Options

When it comes to sealing pavers, there are at least two efficient options. One option is solely dedicated to oil and stain resistance. CoverSeal Pen55 is probably right for you if you’re a car owner that deals with constant grease and oil stains. This solution is not only stain resistant, but it is also resistant to driving rain, UV rays, dirt, and mildew. Pavers often grow mold and mildew in thick amounts if a sealer is missing. That growth can make the driveway or patio slippery and dangerous. Fortunately, CoverSeal Pen55 is entirely slip-resistant and strong. It’s even been lab tested! This solution will provide a beautiful, bright finish to your driveway’s stones.

Alternatively, there is a CoverSeal Wetlook finish that is a high-durable gloss. Designed especially for brick pavers and made from polyurethane resin, the glossy finish will help your pavers from being affected by the sun and other external elements. Simultaneously, the CoverSeal Wetlook offers optimal protection from stains of all kinds and even keeps the weed growth in between pavers to a minimal.

If you’re searching for paver sealing options, then CoverTec is your best choice. Why? We hired the best of the best to formulate and test these easy-application products. We know that many paver sealants simply don’t do the job, at least not in the long-term. Therefore, it was important that we created a product that would do the job right the first time. Visit us online or call our team at 888-580-0693 with any questions. We’re happy to help!

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