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Benefits of Installing a Fuel Resistant Sealer in a Workplace

Whether it’s gas or diesel, fuel is typically found in just about every industrial workplace. Companies use them to power trucks, transportation vehicles, and heavy equipment like forklifts. Because fuel is so prevalent in the workplace, it’s easy to see how spills and leaks happen. This increased risk of accidents is why it’s crucial for companies to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves with a fuel resistant sealer to ensure that their businesses and employees are safe.

A Fuel Resistant Sealer Provides Green Safety

Fuel can stain workplace floors, seeping into the cracks and crevices of even the most durable materials. Once the fuel embeds into the flooring, it becomes a potential hazard for a specified period. Fuel is highly flammable, making the spills a liability for companies. Spraying water to wash away the oil, diesel, or fuel is not enough, as it will only spread the substance throughout the facility.

Fuel is also quite slick, increasing the chances of slip and fall accidents. While a person may do his/her best to clean it up, it doesn’t mean that the leftover residue won’t cause an accident. Therefore, it’s vital to install a CoverClean HC Heavy Duty nonhazardous microbial cleaner for petroleum-based hydrocarbons. The solution eliminates stains, cleans up grease and oil without further distributing, is non-flammable, and works quickly. Additionally, the answer is green! As a company, using USDA, pollution-free cleaners are a plus.

CoverTec offers one-of-a-kind sealants and cleaners that are waterproof, durable, long-lasting, and protective. Their adhesions stick to materials of all kinds, including metal, rubber, asphalt, brick, wood, and more. In regards to a fuel resistant sealer, CoverTec’s products are non-slip, making the workplace safer for all personnel. If you’re seeking a flooring solution, reach out to a company that has taken the time to make an excellent line of efficient solutions. With over 50 years of experience, Civil and Chemical Engineers paired up to find the perfect elements all businesses should have. If you’re looking for a flooring solution, call CoverTec today at 754-223-2465 for state-of-the-art sealers today. Safety first!

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