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Which Industrial Floor Coatings Increase Safety?

There are many things that you’ve come to expect from your industrial flooring. First, your flooring needs to be durable. Second, it must be strong enough to withstand the use that you’re putting it through. Of course, your industrial flooring must also promote safety. But, does your current flooring follow OSHA requirements in regards to its sealing and coating products? At CoverTec Products, we’re here to help protect your operations with our numerous industrial floor coatings. The proper coatings can help any industrial flooring meet the requirements of your business, from durability to safety and everything in between. If you’re in need of industrial floor coatings, we invite you to explore the varied options that we’ve created at CoverTec Products.

Depending on your flooring type and challenges, there are many different industrial floor coating solutions available. For example, ceramic and porcelain tiles require a unique solution for their sealing needs. Our Glaze Guard is the perfect tile and grout sealer, especially for restroom floors, locker rooms and restaurant kitchens. Glaze Guard comes in matte and satin finish, depending on your preference. This durable tile and grout sealer can lower maintenance costs, and help your flooring avoid staining and abrasions. Additionally, its incredible slip coefficient lowers the threat of slip and fall incidents by bringing increased traction to your flooring.

If you need to protect many different types of flooring in areas such as showrooms, garages, airplane hangars, warehouses, pharmaceutical plants or food prep areas, our CoverSeal E130 can help. This UV resistant clear epoxy is highly durable, and it’s perfect for decorative or standard flooring. Best of all, it’s USDA compliant for incidental contact in food, making it a wonderful solution for kitchens, supermarkets and manufacturing related to food or pharmaceuticals.

Another flooring type that needs proper care is highly affordable, yet highly sensitive vinyl flooring. Untreated, vinyl becomes slippery, scratches and stains all too easily. Our Vinyl Guard can reduce costs by eliminating the need for costly waxing. Instead, vinyl flooring can be treated to resist abrasion while maintaining increased slip resistance. Vinyl Guard helps increase the longevity of your vinyl flooring by preventing scratching, marring and other abrasive elements that fuel deterioration.

To discover your unique industrial flooring solutions, we invite you to speak with a floor coating specialist by calling (754) 223-2465. We can help you discover which industrial floor coatings, tile and grout sealers, epoxy coatings and other industrial flooring solutions are your best fit.

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