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Can Concrete Floor Coating Systems Really Save me Money?

When it comes down to it, your business depends on protecting your bottom line. And these days, cutting costs is one of the best ways to keep everything in check. But, you don’t want to lower the quality you’re providing to your customers, or to your employees. So, if you’re looking to help cut costs, where do you start? At CoverTec Products, we know the answer is in your flooring! With our waterproof concrete sealer and concrete floor coating systems, you can protect your flooring while helping to lower costs.

To understand the benefits of our concrete floor coating systems, it’s important to think about all the stresses your concrete floors face. Concrete flooring, no matter the size or color, has one weak point- its pores. When concrete flooring is laid, it naturally forms small pores within its surface. These holes won’t make your concrete dangerous to walk on, they’re really quite small. But, these pores are silently putting your concrete’s structure and its style at risk. That’s because over time, no matter the application, your concrete flooring’s pores start to trap dirt, mildew, oil and other contaminants.

When your concrete flooring and its pores become contaminated, it can seem nearly impossible to get the stains and dirt out of the flooring. We do offer products that can help clean your flooring on a microbial level, but wouldn’t it be better to avoid the need for deep cleaning in the first place? With our oil and stain resistant sealer in Sunrise, you can keep your concrete flooring from getting stained and contaminated in the first place!

Our concrete floor coating systems form a protective barrier over your concrete floors, keeping the pores safe from contamination and staining. If you do wind up spilling oils or other staining elements on your concrete flooring, cleanup is simple and requires little to no downtime. With our additional waterproof concrete sealer, you can keep your flooring safe from water marks and other frustrating stains.

Whether you’re running an auto shop, a burger shop, an airplane hangar or anything in between, you need the best concrete flooring protection. There’s no need to stop services just to deep clean your concrete flooring. You can save on costs and frustrations by updating your floors with our high quality concrete floor coating systems. You can learn more about our high quality waterproof concrete sealers by clicking here. Sturdy and stain free concrete floors are easier than you’d think, trust in our solutions today!

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