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The Most Effective Concrete Floor Coating Systems

Concrete floors are growing in popularity as creative flooring options which allow endless combinations of color, texture and pattern at incredibly affordable prices. Concrete floors have also been used in construction projects for decades, providing industrial strength flooring for outdoor and indoor applications. The kryptonite of concrete is an incredibly common chemical present in cars and kitchens alike. Oil stains can destroy the original appearance of concrete, making the surfaces appear worn before their time. We’ve developed effective concrete floor coating systems which can protect your flooring from natural staining.

Our business started in 2009 with a focus on providing substrate solutions which keep your floors pristine with little to no maintenance. Concrete floors can last for years or even decades if they’re kept up properly. One of the most important steps in the upkeep of concrete surfaces is to keep them free from stains and chemical intrusions. Our concrete floor coating systems incorporate a wide range of products which preform different tasks for your flooring. Our concrete coating systems include products such as:

  • CoverShield E900: A high build colorfast abrasion resist epoxy coating with zero VOC, it’s highly decorative and has an optional slip resistant finish.
  • CoverSheild Primer OS: An oil stop primer that’s best used on oil contaminated floors
  • CoverShield U140: A chemical resist polyurethane clear sealer that’s best for warehouse and workshop use. It’s waterproof, abrasion resistant and odorless.
  • CoverSheild E400 WB: A low odor, water-based epoxy coating that’s low maintenance and abrasion resistant.
  • CoverSheild E500: Fast cure flexible epoxy base coating that minimizes down time.

Each flooring system brings different benefits to your concrete floor. Our staff can guide you through with suggestions regarding which of our stain resistant sealing products is best for your flooring needs, desires and budget. At CoverTec Products, we strive to develop substrate solutions which bring minimal downtime and maximum effectiveness. Many of our concrete floor coating systems are cured and ready for use within as little as 12 hours!

Our stain resistant sealing products can also remove existing stains in some cases. Our CT-MircoClean HC is a highly effective and professional grade cleaning solution that uses microorganisms to deep clean oil from concrete surfaces, it even works over existing coatings. There is hope for restoring the original appearance of your oil stained concrete with our Ct-MicroClean HC solution.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of our concrete floor coating systems and cleaning products is their environmental consciousness. Many of our systems, such as the CT-MicroClean HC cleaner, are biodegradable and non-hazardous. Our stain resistant sealing products and concrete floor coating systems allow our customers to protect their concrete surfaces in an effective and affordable manner. If you’re ready to rid your concrete of oil stains or need help defend it from getting stained in the first place, call on us for your innovative substrate solutions at (754) 223-2465!

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