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What Floor Coating Product is Mold Resistant?

We’ve all gone to the bread drawer to make a sandwich or some toast only to discover little green spots all over each slice. Mold is a natural fungus comprised of teeny tiny thread-like structures called filaments. Mold is often associated with food as it grows on all sorts of things like fruit, cheese and bread. Mold can be very dangerous in some forms, particularly if it’s prevalent in the air then breathed in by an unsuspecting person. There are several thousand different species of mold in the world and they can all be a big problem if they are left unchecked. For the people of South Florida who are looking for high quality mold resistant coating products, only CoverTec Products in Sunrise has what you’re looking for at great prices. CoverTec carries a wide variety of mold resistant coatings for all surface types including tile, cement, stone and more. Don’t let mold overtake your substrate, order a coating product from CoverTec today and protect your floor from infestation.

One of the most popular kinds of mold resistant coating products is CoverSeal PEN50 which is specifically for stone surfaces. Stones often used in masonry, like brick, granite, concrete and more are more porous than you think, meaning that they absorb water. This opens the door for mold and mildew since they tend to thrive in wet, humid environments. CoverSeal PEN50 stone sealer is designed to stop water from infiltrating the stone and creating the ideal environment for mold to grow. While it’s highly water resistant, CoverSeal PEN50 is entirely odorless, and will not change the color, texture or appearance of any stone surface once it’s dry. CoverSeal PEN50 is perfect for patios, garages, roof tiles, stucco walls and any other stone surface.

Mold resistant coating products in Sunrise can really help protect your stone surface from a dangerous mold infestation. Once mold has set up shop on your stone surface, cleaning it off can be a long and arduous process. It makes a lot more sense to protect your substrate up front with a high quality mold resistant coating product from CoverTec. From sealing tile and grout to concrete and stone, mold resistant coatings can save you time and money in the long run so get in touch with the specialists at CoverTec today and speak with a knowledgeable professional who can recommend the perfect product for your substrate. All CoverTec products are available at their online store so check it out today!

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