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Industrial Floor Coating

How Can Industrial Floor Coatings Help Your Business?

How Can Industrial Floor Coatings Help Your Business?

Running a business is all about managing expenses in relation to profits. Ideally, you spend as little as possible and bring in the highest amount of profit you can. At CoverTec Products, we think that there’s one secret to lowering costs and promoting profits, and the secret is simpler than you might think! Take a moment to consider how much time and money you spend deep cleaning your floors. The bigger the surfaces, the costlier routine deep cleanings can be. The solution is simple, and that’s to protect your floors from staining in the first place so they need to be deep-cleaned less and less often. With our industrial floor coatings, you’ll enjoy increased flooring longevity and decreased costs in terms of cleaning. New to the world of our durable floor coating products? Take a look at some of our most popular options:

  • Vinyl Guard. Vinyl flooring is popular due to its varied styles and low costs. The thing is, to keep your vinyl flooring beautiful and durable, you need to routinely wax the flooring. This creates additional costs and considerable down time. Instead, trust in our Vinyl Guard coatings, available in High Gloss, Satin and Matte finishes for all styles. You can save 30-60 percent on maintenance costs, keeping your vinyl floor beautiful without the need to wax it!
  • Penetrating Sealer. Do you have concrete, stone, unglazed tile or brick flooring? Our Penetrating Sealer can protect these surfaces without changing the appearance of the surfaces themselves. This sealer brings considerable dirt resistance and stain resistance, keeping dirt, grease oil and other staining chemicals from soaking into these surfaces.
  • StrongSeal Plus. Available in Gloss, Satin and Matte finish, our StrongSeal Plus can protect concrete, wood, stone, tile and even decorative concrete floors. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications, this versatile sealing product keeps stains and even graffiti from damaging your porous surfaces.

By protecting your industrial surfaces from staining and wear, you can spend more time focusing on the daily operations of your business, rather than focusing all your time and energy on cleaning your flooring. Additionally, less time spent cleaning your flooring can lower costs by reducing labor to clean flooring, and by reducing down-time. At CoverTec Products, we’re focused on helping businesses make the most of their surfaces, and with the right coating products, you can enjoy reduced costs all around. To discover your unique substrate solutions, you can start shopping our online catalog today.

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