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How Can Natural Stone Sealer Improve Your Summer?

As the weeks grow warmer summer is well on its way. Before you know it, we’ll be in the season of cookouts, pool parties and outdoor events. Is your pool deck, patio or backyard ready for summer? Many outdoor spaces are covered with natural stones, concrete or other porous paving materials. In high humidity and wet environments, these surfaces can become contaminated, dirty and downright slippery and dangerous. At CoverTec Products, we think that cleaning your outdoor surfaces and slip and fall concerns should be the last things on your mind. If you’re ready to finally relax and make the most of summer, consider protecting your exterior porous surfaces with our natural stone sealer.

Concrete and natural stone are popular outdoor flooring materials. They’re highly customizable and create the natural look that many people desire for their backyard. But, over time the very structure of these surfaces can bring substantial damages. Concrete and natural stone are incredibly porous, and the tiny holes that make up their structure can trap dirt, mold, mildew and other contaminants. Cleaning these outdoor porous surfaces can be a constant struggle. Instead of spending your whole summer scrubbing, consider keeping these surfaces from getting dirty in the first place! Our Penetrating Sealer can protect your concrete and natural stone surfaces with a durable, non-film forming transparent protective barrier. Our Penetrating Sealer can protect against oil, water and other staining elements.

Our natural stone sealers are available in wet look or natural finishes. The wet look finish is ideal for paver brick and pool decks. It creates a wear resistant film on the surface. In gloss and matte, you can enjoy a durable, non-yellowing UV resistant film that protects your natural stone and concrete outdoor surfaces. It also provides incredible abrasion resistance for all surfaces.

We also offer anti slip products for your concrete, natural stone and tile surfaces. Our anti slip tile sealer can help you make the most of your summer by providing added traction to your outdoor spaces. Everybody knows that a slip and fall can turn a pool party into a disaster, but our concrete, tile and stone sealers can help prevent a slip from happening in the first place. In addition, these sealers resist water buildup altogether, allowing you to simply wipe any excess water and staining elements right of the surface.

All of our natural stone sealer products are designed with durability in mind, lasing for many summers to come. With our tile, concrete and natural stone sealers, you can make the most of your summer. Spend all your summertime outside without having to worry about cleaning, staining or slippery surfaces. You can learn more about our natural stone sealer by calling (754) 223-2465.

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