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How to Apply a Tile and Grout Sealer to Ceramic Tile

Issues associated with dirt build up, mold and mildew, odor, slip and fall, can all be reduced or eliminated by installing a high performance clear sealer to both the ceramic tile and grout. However there are very few clear sealers that will bond to a glazed or ceramic tile. CoverTec has developed some specific products and cleaning methods to apply a clear tile and grout sealer to ceramic tile without adversely affecting the appearance of the tile.

Surface Cleaning

The ceramic tile and grout must be thoroughly cleaned with an high alkaline cleaner such as CT-50. Apply the cleaner to the floor and scrub with a nylon bristle brush. Allow 10 minutes for the substrate cleaner to begin to breakdown oils and soiling. Flood the floor with water and extract with a wet vac. Repeat as needed. Allow tile and especially the grout to dry before sealing.

Surface Profile

For wet areas, such as shower floors and walls or for exterior applications prepare surface with mild acid solution such as PreTreat. This will lightly etch the tile surface and provide a better bond for the sealer. Rinse treated surface thoroughly with water and extract with a wet vac. Repeat as needed. The floor should have a neutral pH at application.


GlazeGuard is a high performance clear sealer developed specifically for bonding to ceramic tile. The GlazeGuard coating product is extremely durable and incorporates some unique adhesion promotion technology into its formulation.

Stir Part A separately for 1 minute until it is smooth and uniform color and consistency. Add Part B side to the Part A and slowly mix for another 2 minutes. Allow product to stand for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes’ induction time add the Reducer (4.0 fl.oz/ gal). The Reducer helps level the sealer and should be mixed in slowly. Once the Reducer is added, the product is ready to use. Pour the mixed material into a roller tray. Do not dip from a narrow container. Apply GlazeGuard® one gallon at a time. Use a non-shed 3/8 nap roller. Use a Hot Dog roller or brush for the edges. For best results make sure the room is well lit. Use floor lights if necessary. This will help avoid missed spots when applying a clear sealer

Dry Time

The walk on drying time for Glaze Guard is approx 12 hours, depending on the thickness of the application, the temperature and the relative humidity in the room. To speed up drying fans can be positioned so that they circulate the air in area of application. Allow 24 hours before opening to heavy traffic or replacing furniture

CoverShield GlazeGuard, CT-50 and PreTreat can be obtained direct from CoverTec together with detailed application instructions and technical support. For more information Click Here If you have questions please Contact Us


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