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How to Clean Vinyl Floors

Conventional recommendations on how to clean Vinyl Floors

The typical advice given on how to clean vinyl floors (VCT) usually involves an endless cycle of stripping and waxing throughout the year. Depending on the traffic, you will be told that the floors needs partial stripping and re-coating (a scrub and re-coat) several times during the year. In addition the floor will need to be totally stripped once or twice a year and re-coated with 5 or 6 coats of fresh wax. The whole process is messy, labor intensive, involves a high use of chemicals and costs owners many $1000’s per week, month or year!

New Approach on how to clean Vinyl Floors

Whilst the cleaning industry might be very conservative ,floor cleaning technology has moved on and the next generation of cleaning products can save you at least 40% on you floor maintenance costs.

CoverTec’s new approach on how to clean vinyl floors consists of 2 key steps:

1) Clean existing floor finish without stripping
2) Apply floor treatment to protect the floor as part of the daily cleaning process.

SurfaceTreat is new technology that allows you to deep clean dirt and discoloration but without floor stripping. This unique product penetrates, suspends and removes dirt without removing coating /finish. Chemicals open the floor finish and clean up to 4 layers deep. This technology comes from the pharmaceutical and skin care industry and is really quite revolutionary when applied to floor finish.

How to use SurfaceTreat

For deep scrubbing and cleaning without stripping SurfaceTreat is diluted 8fl.oz per 1 gallon of water and used with a low speed machine or automatic scrubber to deeply cleanse the finish. Once the floor has been cleaned you can burnish it to bring up the shine.

For day to day cleaning: Use in mop bucket or auto scrubber. Dilute 2.0 Fl.oz per 1 gal cold water and use any time floors are moped or scrubbed.

Using SurfaceTreat as part of your normal daily/ weekly mopping/auto-scubbing program will further protect the floor finish.

SurfaceTreat will remove any daily dirt ,scuffs and heel marks and at the same time lay down a protective shield that prolongs the life of the floor. This film is mark resistant, ,dust free anti-slip and non yellowing.

For even better results clean your existing floors with SurfaceTreat and then apply 2 coats of CoverShield VS1 floor sealer. This will you get the equivalent of stripping and applying 5 to 6 coats of wax in half the time and a much lower cost!

The benefits of using SurfaceTreat are quickly realize. Up to 37% in Materials savings and 50 to 70% in labor savings

CLICK HERE for more information on SurfaceTreat.

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