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Is a Natural Stone Sealer Right for My Floor?

Natural Stone Surfaces Can Be Very Porous


Natural stones are known for their beauty and durability.  But, all natural stone surfaces, whether they’re tiling a floor or decorating a wall, have an Achilles heel.  Natural stone surfaces are often highly porous, thanks to the geological processes that led to their formations.

While a porous surface may not change the visual appeal of natural stone, it renders these surfaces open to many different risks. Without proper sealing, your surfaces can soon become moldy, stained and strained.

At CoverTec Products, we don’t think this should be the fate of your natural stone surfaces.  With our durable floor sealing products, you can protect your natural stone surfaces without detracting from their strength or beauty.

Reduce The Porous Nature Of Natural Stone

At CoverTec Products, we’ve developed several different durable floor sealing products to keep your stone surfaces looking great.  Our chief goal is to reduce the porous nature of these surfaces with the right natural stone sealer.  Our most popular natural stone sealers include our CoverSeal PEN55 and our CoverSeal AC250. Each sealer brings different benefits and features.

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Our CoverSeal AC250, for example, is available in both matte and wet look styles.  The wet look is wonderful for pool decks, driveways and other outdoor settings.



Our CoverSeal PEN55 penetrates natural stone surfaces to bring wonderful stain resistance for both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Using A Natural Stone Sealer To Make Cleaning And Protecting It Easier

When it comes to natural stone sealer, you need a product that makes your days easier.  No matter which of our durable floor sealing products you choose, you’ll be trusting your surfaces to a durable product that provides the utmost protection.

Our sealers can provide protection from many staining and destructive elements, such as:

  • Motor Oil
  • Coffee
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Grape Juice
  • Soy Sauce
  • Destructive Chemicals
  • Mold Spores

Sealing Natural Stone, Tile, Concrete And Slate Surfaces Is Easy

Our natural stone sealing products help create a protective barrier along your natural stone, tile, concrete and slate surfaces.  With a sturdy barrier, staining elements and mold cannot find their way into the pores of your delicate natural stone surfaces.

With a strong sealer protecting your flooring or walls, you’ll enjoy increased longevity and beauty from your natural stone surfaces.  In fact, sealers such as our CoverSeal AC250 can even reinvigorate tired tile and stone surfaces, bringing new life and shine to faded surfaces.

To discover which of our durable floor sealing products is best for your needs, simply click here.

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