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CoverShield P650 FS – Polyaspartic Floor Coating For Concrete


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Shipping: FREE on all orders in the continental US

Location : Interior/Exterior
Task : Fast set UV Resistant Coating
Application : 3/8th Nap Roller/Squeegee
Surface : Concrete/ Epoxy
Base : Solvent Based
Drytime : 1-4hrs
Coverage : 150- 200 sq.ft/Gal.
Finish : Clear Gloss

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Price: $224.60

UV resistant fast set polyaspartic coating

CoverShield P650 FS Polyaspartic Floor Coating

CoverShield P650 FS is a fast set two-component 85% solids aliphatic polyaspartic coating. It has a high gloss finish, excellent non-yellowing UV resistance and outstanding impact and abrasion resistance. It dries quickly for rapid return to service applications and for same-day application of multiple coats.

P650 FS has an Easy mix ratio of One-part resin to One-part catalysts by volume and can be used for interior or exterior applications.


  • Fast turn around
  • Color and UV stable
  • Hygienic seamless surface
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Abrasion-resistant top coat
  • Good chemical resistance

Main Uses

  • Topcoat for UV stability
  • Clear binder for color flakes and quartz
  • Floors, internal and external
  • Parking decks and driveways
  • Garage floors and workshops
  • Balconies and walkways

Surface Conditions

Grind concrete floors to CSP-3, vacuum dust, wipe down with denatured alcohol. If moisture is present floor may require the application of WaterStop Primer at a spread rate of 150-300 sq. ft. per gallon.

The surface being coated must be fully cured 28 days, structurally sound (200psi or greater according to ASTM D4541), clean (ASTM D4258), and dry (less than 5%, ASTM D4263). It must have low moisture-vapor transmission (less than 3lbs/24 hr/1,000ft2, RMA Test Method). Profile surface according to ICRI Guide 03732 to a minimum of CSP 3.


Mix Ratio:  1A:1 B. Combine Part B and Part A in a mixing container. Thoroughly mix both parts with a slow-speed drill and mixing blade for a minimum of 2 minutes. One mixed product has approximately 15 minute Pot Life.  Don’t mix more material than can be applied in 15 minutes.


Apply in a single coat at the specified application rate (see above) thickness

When used as a standalone system, apply by brush, 3/8” (10mm) nap mohair roller, or HVLP spray. Two 6mil (0.15mm) coats are normally required. Allow the first coat to dry for a minimum of 1 hour minutes and a maximum of 4 hours before applying the finish coat.

For best results Pour mixed material on the floor in 12” ribbons and then while wearing spiked shoes roller with a 3/8” premium lint-free roller.

When used over flakes or color quartz apply using a squeegee.  Spread the material tight and then backroll with a 3/8” (10mm) nap mohair roller.


180-260ft2per gallon depending on substrate and desired surface texture.

Dry Time

Tack free/foot traffic: 4-6 hrs.

Heavy foot traffic 24 hrs. Vehicular Traffic 48 hrs.

Top coat or recoat

Lightly sand the surface and wipe down with denatured alcohol or acetone before applying additional coats or finish coats.

This product is exclusively for contractors.

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