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How to Clean Oil Off Concrete Sunrise

Protect Your Yard or Patio with Sealing Pavers

Your driveway and walkway are where you and your visitors first set foot on your property. Sealing pavers will help you maintain them, especially if you want them to look shiny and flawless. The primary purpose of sealing pavers is protection.

Use CoverTec Products for Sealing Pavers

Patios with pavers are a popular landscaping trend. Pavers, whether matte or glossy are used in pathways, driveways, patios, porches, etc. because they enhance the beauty of your yard, home, or any other landscape.

Sealing makes pavers look shiny and give them a glossy finish. The sealant also blocks the harmful ultraviolet rays and prevents the colors of the paving stones from fading. Sealing often gives the different colors of the pavers a clean look and makes them stand out. Paver sealing also helps remove stains and grease from the pathways or driveways easily.

Sealants are designed to withstand harsh weather, like the kind experienced in South Florida. If water seeps in through an unsealed driveway, it may lead to puddles forming beneath the surface, causing cracks. Sealants fill the pores and repel water by keeping the sand dust in the joints.

Pavers that are not sealed are also more likely to grow weeds in the joints; they will lose their color and fade from wear and ultraviolet breakdown.

As the pavers age, you may be required to seal repeatedly after a couple of years.

CoverTec offers a series of durable, clear sealers for concrete, stone, brick. The sealers can withstand oil, staining, harsh Florida sunlight, chemical exposure and weathering. You can choose from a variety of finishes.

If you are in the market for products for sealing pavers, you should consider CoverTec Products. Our sealants are easy to apply and last. Visit us online or call our team at 888-580-0693 with any questions. We are happy to help!

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