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Top 5 Benefits of Using Our Industrial Floor Coatings

Industrial businesses of all shapes and sizes share a couple similarities, one of which is their tough working environment. Industrial flooring is never quite up to the challenges these businesses present, but with a little extra care your industrial concrete floors can be at their very best. Our company develops and sells the highest quality industrial floor coatings which can help improve your industrial flooring. Our industrial floor coatings are optimal for any business that depends on quality concrete flooring, they’re designed to make your floors last. There are considerable benefits to utilizing our industrial floor coatings, here are the top 5:

  1. Your floors will no longer look dirty. In industrial settings, having the best looking floor is still vital. Concrete is slightly porous, leaving it susceptible to absorbing oil and chemical stains. This is especially common in auto shops or airline hangars. We can protect your concrete floor from this type of staining and deterioration with our oil and stain resistant sealer in Sunrise, it provides a clear shield that helps deflect chemical stains.
  2. Your floors are easier to clean and maintain. Chemical and oil stain resistance means that your industrial floors are incredibly easier to clean. In fact, in some situations they simply clean themselves by resisting dirt and debris from sticking to the surface. Lowered cleaning times can diminish your maintenance costs. Over time, our industrial floor coatings simply pay for themselves in reduced costs!
  3. Our coatings have quick turnaround times. We all know that time is money, and this concept is incredibly important when it comes to industrial settings. Our industrial floor coatings can be applied with minimal shutdown time. Our variable speed polyaspartic coating, CoverShield P650, is available in fat set, medium and slow set times to give the applicator the right balance between working time and return to service.
  4. The coatings come in various colors. Many people assume that concrete only comes in one color, but this isn’t the case. You can customize the look of the concrete flooring within your business to match your logo, or simply to math your preferences. Coatings are available in colors such as light and dark grey, beige, tile red, lite blue, brown, tan, green and off-white.
  5. Your flooring can last longer. At CoverTec Products, we developed our substrate solutions with one word in mind: durability. We believe industrial flooring is a major investment which should last as long as possible, which is why we designed our industrial floor coatings with the goal of making your floors last as long as possible by protecting them from chemicals and stains.

Industrial flooring quite literally serves as the foundation for any successful industrial enterprise. At CoverTec Products, we believe that your industrial flooring can be improved with floor coatings that help protect it from staining and deterioration. Browse our online selection of floor coatings to get started on making your industrial floors the best they can be.

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