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What Can I Use to Clean Oil from Concrete?

Try as we might, hosing down our concrete and scrubbing with soap and water doesn’t seem to make a dent in our stains! One of the most common stains concrete suffers from is oil based. If you are trying to clean oil from concrete without any luck, perhaps the professionals at CoverTec can offer a few helpful solutions.

Clean Oil from concrete with CoverTec

Cars may leak oil often, and though there is not much to be done about the leakage, there are options for protecting our concrete driveways or garages.

Step One: Concrete Cleaning

The first step is recognizing that your soap and water did not help. Scrubbing and hosing down your driveway with no results can be frustrating for many homeowners, as they feel that they are out of options. At CoverTec, we offer a personalized solution that will leave your driveway or garage looking brand new. Using microbial cleaning, we’ve created a product that removes oil stains and grease stains, once and for all. Using these small organisms in our CoverClean HC, they dive into the concrete’s layers, extracting any dirt, oils, grease, and more. This non-odorless option helps to remove hazardous fumes, as well as unsightly oil and grease stains.

Because of our advanced formula, our solution works quickly and efficiently. You won’t have to wait for ages to have the new concrete flooring you’ve always wanted. Our cleaner offers the extensive cleaning of concrete pores, cleaning without polluting, and offers the gold star on all USDA requirements.

Step Two: Concrete Protection

Many homeowners don’t realize that there are ways to keep concrete from becoming a messy, disastrous, hazardous, mess. Experts in all flooring cleaning, remodeling, repairs, and more, we offer a handful of protective flooring options. For example, for those who are suffering from damaged concrete, we offer a CoverTec concrete floor coating system. Easy to install, with the durability you can trust, this coating system helps to protect against oil and grease stains, as well as abrasions. You can rest assured knowing that you’ll only have to deep clean your concrete flooring once. After that, your flooring will have the protection it needs.

If you’re in need of washed concrete, but can’t seem to find the solution, call CoverTec today. The optimal choice to clean oil from concrete is right around the corner!

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