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What Can the Best Tile and Grout Sealer Sunrise, FL Has to Offer Do for Your Surfaces?

These days, effective home ownership and property management is all about keeping everything in great condition for as long as possible. Tile and grout surfaces are common in homes, business and industrial settings alike. At CoverTec Products, we’re dedicated to helping people make the most of their tile and grout surfaces. We’ve developed an innovative tile and grout sealer that can help keep your tile surfaces looking great for years to come. Our NewTile System has been created to meet the many demands consumers have for their tile floors and is widely considered the top tile and grout sealer Sunrise, FL has to offer. If you’re looking to bring slip resistance, surface protection and defense against staining to your tile surfaces, look no further than our NewTile System. There are many applications for our durable floor sealing products, here are the top uses our customers enjoy:

  • Added slip resistance: Restaurants and homes with smaller children appreciate the slip resistance offered by our Glaze Guard ceramic tile sealer. This incredibly durable sealer is non-yellowing and UV stable, keeping a glossy or matte finish over your surfaces without yellowing as time goes on. It brings an outstanding slip coefficient, often better than bare floor!
  • Mold resistance: All of our tile and grout sealer products bring resistance of mold and bacteria formations. Mold and fungus are the enemy of any porous surface, protecting these surfaces is as easy as applying our NewTile System.
  • Floor refurbishing: Have your tile surfaces seen their better days? Before you shell out thousands on new flooring, consider reviving your tile with our coatings. They can bring a new high gloss finish that revives the surface.
  • Easier cleaning: Few things are as unsightly as dirty tile and even dirtier grout. While these surfaces present a challenge to clean, they’re easy to keep clean when they’re protected with our NewTile System. It brings incredible stain resistance that keeps your grout from becoming stained in the future.
  • Odor protection: Our NewTile System fights odor in a twofold method. First, its application is incredibly low odor, keeping your building safe from a chemical smell. Once dried, there’s no odor to be detected. Second, the NewTile System keeps new odors from forming in your tile surfaces by blocking out fungus and other foul-smelling contaminants. When these odorous elements can’t penetrate the surface, they won’t linger.

There are plenty of surfaces and locations which can be improved by our durable floor sealing products. Our tile and granite sealer can protect surfaces in homes, restaurants and industrial settings alike. Our sealers can bring a matte, satin or gloss finish to your hard tile surfaces. After application, their benefits are an automatic and long-lasting effect. If you’re ready to keep your tile and grout surfaces looking new without routine maintenance, get your hands on our NewTile System today!

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