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Cleaning Stained Concrete Sunrise

When to Partake in a Quality Concrete Floor Cleaning

You’ll know when your garage or workspace needs a quality concrete floor cleaning. The signs aren’t hard to miss. You may start looking at the grease and oil stains, wondering how your floor ever got this dirty! Luckily, there’s a product that can help you achieve the look of a brand new floor, without harmful chemicals, or long wait times.

Choose CoverTec for Your Next Concrete Floor Cleaning

The only confusion of choosing a concrete floor cleaner is understanding which are useful, and which are not made with care. Some companies put a lot of chemicals in their bases, only for homeowners and business owners to be breathing in unhealthy toxins, and scrubbing at the concrete surface for hours. CoverTec chooses to do things a bit differently. Their expertise lies in the cleaning business, especially in regards to tough stains.

Oil and grease tend to get into the crevices of concrete and are therefore complicated to clean. That’s why CoverTec works with a team of scientists and engineers to use microbial cleaners. The microbial cleaners work their way into the surface and clean on a molecular scale. That’s why their product leaves your concrete floors without a trace. As mentioned, the substances they provide aren’t harmful to the environment or unhealthy to work with. Their cleaners will even eliminate those heavy oil smells!

Without leaving a residue, fully meeting all USDA requirements, and a quick-acting solutions, why choose anything else? CoverTec is ahead of its time, providing customers with an easier way to clean. Now, your concrete floor can appear brand new, even if it’s been through a plethora of stains and spills. You can also use their cleaners for vinyl tiles, pavers, natural stone surfaces, decks, roofs, and more! Don’t let your concrete flooring get worse. Instead, visit today and see how your next concrete floor cleaning can be your last. Finish the job by adding a sealer, and say goodbye to repairs, replacements, and stains.

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