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Which Industrial Floor Coatings Cover Porous Surfaces?

You love the look, low cost and longevity of your concrete, brick or stone surfaces. But, if you’re trusting these surfaces in an industrial setting, they may not stand the wear and tear you’d hoped they would. At CoverTec Products, we don’t think that stone, brick, concrete or other porous surfaces should fall victim to staining, mold, mildew and other deteriorating elements. That’s why we design, manufacture and sell the best industrial floor coatings around. With coatings for unique needs and flooring types, you’re sure to find the perfect industrial floor coatings when you trust in CoverTec Products. Some of our favorite products include:

  • CoverSeal PEN55: This water based product is the most popular oil and stain resistant sealer in Sunrise. It’s an odorless, UV resistant solution that creates a seal on surfaces such as concrete, grout and slate tile. Once cured, CoverSeal PEN55 provides a barrier against oil, mold, mildew, dirt and chemicals that cause frustrating stains.
  • CoverSeal E130: Garages, airplane hangars, kitchens, supermarket floors and warehouses all face staining problems. Our USDA compliant CoverSeal E130 is ideal for food and pharmaceutical settings, along with other industrial applications. This UV and stain resistant sealer can even offer high impact resistance along with stain protection.
  • CoverSeal Wetlook: If you’re looking to cover natural stone, paving stones, brick, concrete or tiles with a beautiful look, CoverSeal Wetlook is the answer. This polyurethane resin can uphold its appearance in the harshest of conditions, even out in the harsh sunlight. It’s a non-yellowing sealer that can protect pavers and repel oil, grease, rust and mold stains.
  • StrongSeal Plus: Decorative concrete flooring is becoming the new standard for many businesses that want a streamlined look for their customers. Hair salons, restaurants, retail stores, airplane hangars and many other high traffic settings use decorative concrete flooring. But with all the foot and tire traffic, decorative concrete needs protection. Our StrongSeal Plus brings non-yellowing UV stability to resist motor oil, brake fluid, solvents and other staining elements.

Many industrial flooring solutions bring low costs, but lack in the strength many businesses and operations need for optimal functionality. At CoverTec Products, our industrial floor coatings are designed for the most effective solutions when it comes to coating your industrial floors. The main goal is to bring strength and durability to porous surfaces, keeping mold, staining and other deteriorating elements from your industrial surfaces. Whether you’re protecting tile, concrete or almost any other surface, CoverTec Products has your solution.

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