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How Can Industrial Floor Coatings Reduce Costs?

When you’re running a business, profit is all about controlling costs. At CoverTec Products, we’ve discovered a cost that most businesses don’t take into account- their flooring. Not the installation of flooring, but rather the long-term costs. We know that flooring can be costly to maintain and clean when it becomes stained, and industrial flooring is especially susceptible to such wear and tear. Though you may think these maintenance costs are inevitable, you can protect your industrial flooring from wearing and staining with our industrial floor coatings.Industrial Floor Coatings Sunrise, FL

At CoverTec Products, the entire basis of our company is to protect your flooring. We believe that businesses deserve quality industrial floor coatings that can keep flooring protected with little to no upkeep. We’ve taken the time to formulate a line of heavy duty industrial floor coatings, including:

  • CoverShield U140
  • CoverShield E400 WB
  • CoverShield U140
  • StrongSeal Plus
  • CoverShield U270

These are just a few of the industrial floor coatings we offer at CoverTec Products. These coatings can all be applied with minimal downtime, often with a cure time of just a few hours. This allows your business to focus on getting back to work once the product has cured. Each chemical resistant concrete sealer brings its own set of benefits and features. You can choose CoverShield E900 for example, this solid epoxy color brings complete abrasion resistance. Our CoverShield U140 utilizes a polyurethane technology that offers UV stable oil, scratch and stain resistance that can withstand the typical strains of a busy workshop.

If you have industrial or high traffic flooring that isn’t created from concrete, we still offer many products that can keep your flooring sturdy. For example, our CoverShield E400 WB works wonderfully on wood and masonry as well. This coating offers superb chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and stain resistance. This product is great for warehouses, hospitals, showrooms, airplane hangars and other high traffic areas. It’s available in different colors and textures to enhance your spaces.

All of our industrial floor coatings have been designed to make running your business as easy as possible. Instead of spending countless hours scrubbing stains from your floors and polishing them to perfection, you can maintain a clean and presentable appearance by applying our industrial floor coatings. These coatings protect your flooring from getting stained in the first place! With our industrial floor coatings, you can protect your flooring and focus on what’s really important- running your business. You can start shopping our effective coating products here.

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