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Why Invest in Concrete Floor Coating Systems?

You trust concrete floors in your home or business because they’re durable and affordable. This durable material is great for heavy duty environment, it’s the trusted flooring of many service industry applications. Still, this incredibly durable material does have its own kryptonite: oil. Concrete surfaces can become tarnished by oil stains which bleed into the concrete’s porous surfaces. Oils and other chemicals can leave unsightly stains that may even contribute to speeding the deterioration of your concrete. These stains can also make your flooring more dangerous and slippery. Our team at CoverTec Products has developed concrete floor coating systems which can help preserve the integrity of your concrete flooring.

Let’s face it, in most instances you can’t prevent each and every drop of oil from hitting your concrete floor. After all, your floor is a huge space with many vulnerable spots, some of which aren’t easily seen. The best way to defend your concrete flooring from staining is to utilize the expansive protection of a chemical resistant concrete sealer. We have developed our CoverShield U140 chemical resistant sealer for the specific purpose of helping people protect their concrete floors. Once you apply our hard wearing polyurethane clear sealer, you can relax in knowing that your floors are protected.

Our CoverShield U140 sealer has been designed with hard use in mind. It’s formulated for optimal strength and durability which makes it ideal for warehouse and workshop type environments. It seals your concrete floors, making them able to withstand forklift and vehicular traffic. In addition to its remarkable oil and stain resistance, CoverShield U140 resists scratches and abrasions. CoverShield U140 is easy to apply, it can help protect your concrete flooring from numerous chemical and oil contaminants including:

  • Dirty motor oil
  • Diesel & brake fluid
  • Anti-freeze
  • Transmission fluid
  • Gasoline
  • Coffee
  • Vegetable oil
  • Soda
  • Grape juice & red wine
  • Soy sauce
  • Ketchup

When you protect your floors with our chemical resistant concrete sealer, you’re also making upkeep a breeze. Instead of spending excessive time and money continually scrubbing deep set stains out of your concrete flooring, you can easily clean your newly sealed surfaces with minimal downtime.


Unless you’ve already been utilizing our concrete floor coating systems, there’s a strong chance that your concrete surfaces already have substantial stains. Our CT-MircoClean HC is a highly effective professional grade cleaning solution that can remove existing stains, leaving your flooring essentially pristine prior to applying your new sealant. CT-MicroClean HC provides a deep, chemical clean that removes hydrocarbons from oil contaminated concrete with micro-organisms that deep clean the concrete.

Our full range of concrete floor coating systems can keep your concrete floor free of stains by increasing the flooring’s resistance to chemicals and oil. If your existing flooring is substantially stained, we can utilize microbial cleaners which can revitalize your concrete surfaces. Our goal is to clean and protect your concrete, creating surfaces which last for years. Call today or browse our online selection to see our available concrete cleaning and floor coating systems.

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