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Why Use Tile and Grout Sealer?

Caring For Tile Surfaces Involves More Than Sweeping And Mopping…

Everyone knows that tile surfaces are some of the most durable around. But, caring for your tile surfaces properly involves more than just sweeping and mopping every now and then.

At CoverTec Products, we know that with the right tile and grout sealer, you can improve the longevity of your flooring while increasing surface safety and style.

We’ve developed our New Tile System to protect your hard surfaces from damage and staining while helping to reduce cleaning labors.

With the right stain and mold resistant coating products, caring for your tile and grout can be simpler than ever before. There are many benefits to utilizing our tile and grout sealer, and you can enjoy increased durability and style in your tile surfaces.

Store-Bought Tile Flooring Systems

Tile flooring systems have many different components to them, and the grout that holds your tile together is one of the most sensitive parts of this flooring option. This is because grout is incredibly porous in nature, and it’s especially susceptible to staining.

Many home and business owners who do not know the benefits of tile and grout sealer assume the only way to help their grout is to scrub and bleach it when it gets stained. But, what if you could keep your tile and grout from getting damaged or discolored in the first place?

Our New Tile System

At CoverTec Products, our New Tile System can do just that.  This system coats your tile and grout flooring with low odor, non-yellowing protection that offers many benefits including:

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Mold resistance
  • Bacteria control
  • Scratch resistance
  • Non-slip surface improvement.

Not only do our tile and grout sealers help protect your tile flooring form staining, it also brings the benefits of our mold resistant coating products.

Our New Tile System and other tile and grout sealing options help protect your tile flooring from staining, scratching and from becoming destroyed by mold.

Make Your Tiles Virtually Invulnerable

This sealer creates what’s essentially an invisible shield over your flooring, putting a clear coat over the pores and vulnerable spots of your tile. When these elements are protected, it becomes much harder for the surfaces to become stained or destroyed by mold and other problems.

What’s In The New Tile System?

No single product can “do it all” for hard surfaces.  At CoverTec, when we’re called to consult on floor protection projects, we take a staged approach to managing the appearance, upkeep and safety for our clients’ surfaces.

In a nutshell, protecting a floor comes down to following a simple process of:

  1. Surface Preparation
  2. Sealing the Surface Properly
  3. Simplifying Ongoing Maintenance, and…
  4. Adding Slip-Resistance (optional but recommended).

Now as with many things in life and business, the better you do the early parts of the process, the easier the remaining steps become.

Basically, if you prep your surface properly, it makes the sealing process go extremely well.  If you use a pro-grade sealer that provides a hard-wearing protective seal over the surface, it prevents dirt and stains gathering and needing more frequent cleaning.  And ultimately, if your surfaces don’t hold on to dirt and stains much, your ongoing maintenance costs are much lower than if you used a cheap sealer from a hardware store.

As shown above, adding slip-resistance with a pro-grade anti-slip product also reduces the potential for anyone falling and getting hurt on the surfaces – whether it’s wet or dry.

With that said, here’s what we recommend as a simple hard surface protection system.

And… They’re Environmentally-Friendly Too.

Our innovative New Tile System is ideal for many different types of tile including ceramic, marble and porcelain tiles. With its low odor and VOC’s, it’s an environmentally friendly option that’s even perfect for LEED standards, the highest in environmentally friendly construction.

Tile and grout sealer can help reduce cleaning costs, protect your flooring and keep your flooring in great shape. To learn more and to start shopping, click here.

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